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Is Kim’s Convenience Season 6 Cancelled?

There are a lot of sitcoms that have been trending recently. While American shows are watched the most, other series have also been found trending these days. May it be Peaky Blinders by the UK Kim’s Convenience from Canada, and a lot more. These shows have been finding the recognition they deserve and surely enough, they have all been getting renewals.

After watching Friends for years and years, the audience has finally found other shows that are quite as interesting. Kim’s Convenience is a Canadian series that is based on a play of the same name. the series revolves around the life of a Korean-Canadian couple. While they run a convenience store in Toronto, all the adventures they are a part of are what the show showcases and it is surely really fun to watch.

The audience is curious to know more about the seasons. The series has already finished season 5 and is now all set with another season. but, is it going to be shot and will it be released? Was it cancelled? Read further to know all about it!

Kim’s Convenience Season 6

Kim’s Convenience is a Canadian series about a Korean couple that has earned the love of many. The story based on the play by Ins Choi has received several awards including the Canadian Screen Awards for its story and performance as well. The first season of this show came out in October 2016.

Ever since then, there have been five seasons of with the fifth released in April 2023. When the fifth season was renewed in 2020, the makers renewed it for both seasons 5 and 6. After this, there was an announcement.

The announcement read that there will not be a season 6 of the show since it has been considered cancelled due to a lot of reasons. This has left the fans shocked. The show ended due to the departure of the co-creators. While the series would have still run, the creators felt the essence would not be good without Ins Choi and Kevin White.


The cast themselves have spoken about how they felt. They surely were devastated. Since they did not know that the show was ending, they did not even get to say goodbye to each other. The sudden ending brought a lot of shock to the cast and the audience as well.

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee spoke about how hurt he was since they did not get to celebrate their work nor did he get to say a final goodbye to the cast as a team. Since he was also part of the play, Paul has been part of Kim’s Convenience for over ten years now and the sudden ending surely gave him a shock.

The story did end at a very wrong point where nothing had a proper ending, nor did the characters deserve the conclusion they got. While it could have progressed more, Simu Liu has expressed the same feelings. He says that Jung could have gotten a better ending while they showed his growth phase as well. His reconciliation with his dad is pending and was not shown, this leaves things unsettled. Thus, the show and the characters deserved better endings or at least a conclusion.

With that being said, I think we all know what it is now. Kim’s Convenience has officially been cancelled and there will be no further renewal. While trying to reach an ending, it did abruptly cut conclusions and there was a dissatisfying ending as well.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Frequently Asked Questions About Kim’s Convenience

1. What is Kim’s Convenience based on?

Kim’s Convenience is a Canadian series about a Korean-Canadian couple who run a convenience store. The story is based on a play of the same name by Choi.

2. How many seasons does Kim’s Convenience have?

Kim’s Convenience consists of five seasons currently.

3. Will there be a season 6 of Kim’s Convenience?

Kim’s Convenience has been cancelled suddenly and thus there will not be another season. thus, season 6 has been cancelled.

4. Will there be a spinoff of Kim’s Convenience?

Yes indeed! Kim’s Convenience spin-off has been spoken about. This might try to give a peaceful end to the characters and finish the story.

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