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Is Like Twenty Impossibles Based on a True Story?

There are a lot of wonderful stories that find their recognition on some huge platforms. While not having given recognition on other platforms, these films gain their deserved attention in film festivals. The movie in discussion today is a wonderful Arabic short film, that has been a subject of main claims since its 2003 release.

This movie, due to its plot is trending again because of its relevance to current events. The story revolves around a group of people who are trying to shoot a film in the occupied territory of Palestine and are trying to go to Jerusalem.

Anne-Marie, is the American Palestinian director who runs into a lot of troubles and faces issues in Israelian military checkpoints. Due to the environment, the team faces a lot of complications and there is a lot of tension. The movie has made a comeback and is kind of relevant to the current situation. There are a lot of audience curious about the real aspects of this story.

This article covers topics about the true aspects of the movie Like Twenty Impossibles, its plot, characters and lot more.

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Is Like Twenty Impossibles Based on a True Story?

 Twenty Impossibles is a movie that is said to be a documentary. The story revolves around a group of filmmakers who face a lot of issues due to the areas they want to visit. Military checkpoints try to bring them down and this makes their journey more difficult. The authenticity of the characters in the movie is a plus point here. 

Their experiences bring in a reality check to all of us and there is a very realistic image that we are now understanding under the current circumstances. Scenes showcase the struggles these people have to go through. They are often waiting in lines to show their IDs and gain access to some territories. The sudden closing of these sudden checkpoints for no reason renders no other solution and traps the victims in the area until it opens up. The Anne-Marie team faces issues here itself. 

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, it is said that more than 90 million people died in the span of three years as observed in 2003. Deaths were related to the waiting lines in these points, heart attacks and major blood loss were not even taken into serious consideration. Often, pregnant women gave birth in ambulances which led to different issues. 

Though there is a very huge sense of realism in this film, it is not based on a true story. The movie tried to showcase the geo-political scene of the area and threw light on the issue in her own way. The filmmaker has opened up about shooting some scenes and being caught in some moments where they really feared for their life. 

So, Like Twenty Impossibles is not a true story even though it is titled as a documentary. 


Like Twenty Impossibles 

The cast of the movie is incredible. Their acting and the scenes are too real and show us how terrible some living conditions are. Anne-Marie and Rami are fictitious characters, with real-life inspiration. Both the characters have some similarities as well. The character Anne-Marie and the director share a lot of similarities from their profession, to their traits.

The realness observed in this film has led to it gaining much attention as well. The director says that cinema defends life and thus allows us to express an experience. Thus, the story combines real-life aspects with characters like Rami and Anne-Marie. Even in such a short movie, the makers were able to bring out the Palestinian experiences without trying to go overboard.

They have tried to show real-life experiences, showcase the scenarios and throw light on these circumstances that have made life so hard in such areas. The movie is very interesting and its comeback talks about how well the makers have represented the events.

The independent film was released in 2003 at the Cannes Film Festival and gained the attention of a lot of filmmakers. Other audiences have also loved the reality-checks of the film and it is a must-watch in such a situation.

So, if you haven’t already watched it, go stream it online now on Netflix. Some aspects of the film are too critical and the attention it has received, it deserves it for sure. We will let you know if there are more updates.

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