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Is Lucas Hedges Gay?: See What the Actor Has To Say!

With the emerging world, there are a lot of changes in how we look at people. While the perspectives of people need to broaden, the world needs to learn to accept a lot of things. Widening the perspectives, there is a lot of issues in discussion these days. The one in discussion today is about an actor whose orientation is now a big question to the most audiences.

Lucas Hedge is an actor known for his bold roles. He has worked on projects like Boy Erased where he is portrayed as a gay student. The surprising thing is that he seems like a natural at it. This has led the audience to be more curious about his orientation and if he is actually a natural!?

This 21-year-old has been receiving a lot of popularity and limelight recently for his wonderful works. With the rising talks about Lucas Hedge’s sexuality, most audiences are curious to know if he is really gay or straight. The actor himself has spoken about this on some occasions which most are not aware of.

This article covers information about Lucas Hedge, what he has to say about this comment and more about him! Read further to know!

Is Lucas Hedges Gay?

Lucas Hedge is a 21-year-old actor who is best known for his performances in films. Boy Erased is a movie that piqued the interest of the audience leading them to talk about him more. There is a lot of talk that says Lucas is gay and many claims to say he is not. Such speculations mostly do not have any confirmation and are just wild guesses.

But to the luck of the audience, the actor himself has chosen to speak up about this issue giving some kind of clarity to the minds of the audience. The story of his movie is more about a student who is gay and is sent to therapy by his orthodox parents. With this issue being a talk in real life, the actor has some very interesting comments.

Let’s talk about something Lucas told us during an interview. He spoke up about having a crush on a boy at camp and how terrible it was. He was apparently in the third grade and he ended up feeling back about it. He also talked about how supportive his mother was when it came to such an issue.

He has spoken about how he has had an interest towards both men and women as he aged. He also spoke about how actors are supposed to have it all figured out and speak with confidence about their sexuality and that he is not one of them.

The actor speaks about how he initially had crushes on his male friends and how it grew. He says that he always knew he was also attracted to women and that he wasn’t 100 per cent sure of both. The actor finally told us that he does not want to put a label on his sexuality as well.


While he has been attracted to both, he feels one part of this sexuality has caused him some issues while the other is sober. Being an actor many are forced to have their own opinions. They are always asked questions expecting to be the one with the most right answer as well. However, Lucas chooses to stand out. The actor says he himself is not really clear about this and it is going to take him a while to talk about it more confidently as well.

He speaks about feeling ashamed for not being 100 percent sure about any of these and how it has been eating his mind. The actor finally told us that he does not consider himself to be fully gay, nor straight, or bisexual. Seems like the actor requires more time to come out fully.

Lucas Hedges

Lucas Hedges is an actor known for his roles as a gay student and in other movies. He made heads turn when he received an Oscar nomination for best-supporting actor for “Manchester by the Sea”. He is best known for his role in Boyy Erased where he is a gay student sent off to therapy. He is also known for his roles in Lady Bird, Mid90s.


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