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Is Marlyne Barrett Pregnant? Is She Leaving The Show? Find Out Now!

Being famous is definitely not easy when one is always in the eyes of people and becomes a topic of discussion now and then. Rumors, speculation, and gossips are something that travels faster than the light, no matter whether they are true or just a hoax. It is not new that several celebrities are trapped in this for some reason or the other. And recently one more celebrity that has become a topic of such discussion is Marlyne Barrett.

The vibrant actress from the US has been starring in the NBC show Chicago Med and has become one of the most popular characters among the viewers for her role, her acting, and the delivery on screen. She is not just popular for her onscreen presence but also for her offscreen presence which is equally appealing to her fans. She is quite a popular celebrity on her social media as well where she keeps her huge fans and followers base up to date about her life.

Now you must be thinking why is she then being discussed and reading the title you must be wondering that is she really pregnant and is she really on the verge of leaving the show. We know you might be tensed especially after the characters Dr. Manning and April Sexton were scene retiring from the show leading to a huge space left in the story, it will be quite shocking and saddening if she leaves the show too. However, before jumping to any conclusions we would like you all to read the article that we have to share with you today that will not only give you the real answers but also clear all the confusion that you might have. So, dive right into the article in order to unveil all the information that we have locked here just for you

Is Marlyne Barrett Pregnant?

Is Marlyne Barrett Pregnant

The American actress who has had a successful journey in her acting career has recently been a topic of discussion among all her fans, especially after a rumor spread about her life. And as you all know rumors are something that spreads like fire in the forest, and so did this. But the big question is whether this true or not. People have been speculating that Marlyne is pregnant and she might be leaving the show Chicago Med soon as a break for her pregnancy. However, there has been no confirmation of these rumors either from her husband or from her. To clear out this rumor further, it is very important that you all know that she is going through a really hard time as she suffering from a serious condition.

She announced in September 2022 that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had been under rigorous treatment. The actress even revealed that because of her work she has been able to keep her mind off the condition and she has been getting support and help from all her near and dear ones including her team, co-stars, and others. So now, all the fans can get a clear idea that the actress is not pregnant and everyone hopes for her speedy recovery because of that, all her fans have been showering love from all around the world considering how great a person she is in both real and reel life.

In terms of her leaving the show, as of now she is not leaving the show and will be continuing her work until further announcements are made. Being one of the loved characters of the show, her leaving the show will be a shock for all the viewers but for the time being, all the fans can relax and continue enjoying the show as she is not leaving the show for any reason and definitely not for being pregnant. If any further announcements or updates will be made, then you all know that we are here to give you the updates as usual.

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Who Is Marlyne Barrett?

Is Marlyne Barrett Pregnant

Born on September 13, 1978, in New York, Marylne Nayokah Afflack started her career on stage and then appeared on television until she appeared alongside Hill Harper in the year 2003 in Love, Sex, and Eating the Bones. She has also worked as a VJ for Musique Plus, a TV station in Canada. She made various guest features on several NYC dramas LIKE Law and Order and its spinoff, Conviction. She then appeared playing a role in the crime drama named The Wire which just added to her list of vibrant work that she has been doing.

After 2009 she returned back on the screen in the crime drama named American Crime followed by the role of a Nurse named Maggie Lockdown in the famous medical drama that she is currently working on as the main cast named Chicago Med. In terms of film, she has been cast in various films some of them being Angelique, Hidden Agenda, Heist, Hitch, Night Call, and After Everything. Some of her other tv shows include Rescue Me, Bored To Death, Gossip Girl, Satisfaction, The Jury, and many more that are a must-watch considering the way she has done justice to all her roles.

Marlyne Barrett’s Personal Life

In terms of her personal life, the Chicago Med actress has been happily married to her husband named Gavin Barrett who is a pastor since 2009. Both of them share two lovely children together. In terms of their personal life, nothing much is known as she has kept her life quiet to herself.

About Chicago Med

Is Marlyne Barrett Pregnant

The medical drama of NBC named Chicago Med is a series from the Chicago Franchise and is the third installment of the franchise that has been running since the year 2015. Created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead the show currently has 8 seasons the latest one that is season 8 started on September 2022 and all the seasons have been running successfully even though it has received mixed reviews and critical responses from the fans and the critics. The show as you can make out from the name has been based out of Chicago.

The series developed by Derek Haas and Michael Brandt revolves around the emergency department of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center where the doctors and the nurses are trying to save as many patients’ lives as possible. The show has also won the Young Artist Award under the category of Best Performance in a TV Series: Guest Starring Teen Actress which was awarded to Haley Brooke Walker in the year 2017. With a huge fan base and viewers all over the world, the show has been one of NBC’s famous shows that have kept its audience hooked to the screen.

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Chicago Med Cast

Is Marlyne Barrett Pregnant

Along with the talented Marlyne Barrett playing the role of nurse Maggie, the cast list of the show also includes other renowned actors who have made the show reach the heights it is today. In the main cast list, it includes Nick Gehlfuss playing the role of Dr. Will Halstead, Yaya DaCosta playing the role of April Saxton, Torrey De Vitto playing the role of Dr. Natalie Manning, Rachel DiPillo playing the role of Dr. Sarah Reese, Colin Donnell playing the role of Dr. Connor Rhodes, Brian Tee playing the role of LCDR Dr. Ethan Choi, S. Epatha Merkerson playing the role of Sharon Goodwin.

Oliver Platt plays the role of  Dr. Daniel Charles, Norma Kuhling plays the role of Dr. Ava Bekker, Dominic Rains plays the role of Dr. Crockett Marcel, Steven Weber plays the role of Dr. Dean Archer, Guy Lockard plays the role of Dr. Dylan Scott, Kristen Hager playing the role of Dr. Stevve Hammer, and Jessy Schram playing the role of Dr. Hannah Asher.

Apart from them the cast member also includes Julie Berman, Deron J Powell, Jeremy Shouldis, Peter Mark Kendall, Roland Buck III, Brennan Brown, Gregg Henry, and D.W. Moffett. It also includes Christina Brucato, Lorena Diaz, Casey Tutton, Marie Tredway, Amanda Marcheschi, Jedd Hephner, Ato Essandoh, Mekia Cox, Eddie Jemison, Alexander Grey, Nate Santana, Michael Gill, Arden Cho, Molly Bernard, Ian Harding, Jodi Kingsley, Tehmina Sunny, Asjha Cooper, Sarah Rafferty, Bonita Friedrich, Michael Rady, and Johanna Braddy.

Where To Watch Chicago Med Online?

Is Marlyne Barrett Pregnant

If you are one of those viewers who like watching medical dramas and have not watched this drama yet then let me tell you where you can catch up with this. The series is available to be streamed on, Amazon Prime Videos, Peacocktv, and Nowtv.

At the latest, the show consists of 146 episodes combining all the seasons and more episodes have been scheduled for release. The episodes run for 40 to 43 minutes approximately. If before watching the series you would like to get a glance at the show and what it is going to be then you can watch the trailer on the official YouTube channel of Chicago Official, One Chicago, and Peacock or on NBC. You can also binge-watch the small clips and snippets from the show for more fun and catching up.   

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