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Is Maury Still On?

Marking the end of an era, the Maury show, which was, in fact, initially named the Maury Povich show, comes to an end. After beginning the talk show in the year 1991, it has been 31 years since its release. The show was well known for its paternity tests and a series and stack of burning topics and social issues. This hour-long daily talk show was the beginning of the TV Career for veteran TV Journalist Maury Povich. Since its ascent, this show deals with numerous issues through its guests and audiences. A show known for its emotionally challenging DNA tests, it also makes use of lie detector tests over the show. This show was produced by MoPo Productions Inc in association with Paramount Domestic Television and had its first 18 seasons shot in New York. After that, the later seasons were shooted in Connecticut. This tabloid show was created by Maury Povich, and directed by Andrew Povich. With about 30 seasons since its original airing and 3600 plus episodes, the show was originally released on September 9, 1991. With so much success streaming in for the show, the tabloid talk show celebrated its 3000th episode in May 2016. In December 2021, the show announced its non-continuance and the retirement of Maury for the better.

Is Maury (The Talk Show) Still On?

Is Maury Still On?
Is Maury Still On?

It was said after the declaration by the Broadcasting+Cable in December 2021 that the final renewal of the series was in 2021-22 and the show is finally getting cancelled and not returning with another renewal. This was a major decision that was taken after the mutual consent of the network and Maury Povich. While this marks the end of an era, the 83-year-old Maury had a separate perspective about his much-awaited retirement. Maury in a statement had mentioned him being ready for his retirement about 6 years ago. Though the shocking ‘You are/are not the father’ shall remain an ecstatic memory for many, this show is not going to return with another renewal.

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Maury The Talk Show Story

Maury is an American tabloid talk show, which in simple terms, deals with compelling issues and complex relationships. It also deals with critical family issues like a partner suspecting being cheated and taking the lie detector on Maury, fathering a child biologically not yours, family mysteries that need DNA tests, etc. Maury’s first season kicked off in the year 1991 when it was named The Maury Povich Show. The series is however coming to an end after 31 years of its successful runs. A show dealing with a variety of issues like teenage pregnancy, sexual infidelity, uncommon illnesses, etc was sensitive but also, but the format of the show was innovative. If you are wondering about the progress of these people who have been telecasted in the episodes, well they are tracked and featured periodically.

Maury Cast

Is Maury Still On?
Is Maury On?

Maury Povich

Born on January 17, 1939, now the 83-year-old, Maury Povich is a renowned name as a television personality. Povich’s career began as a radio reporter until the late 1980s when he gained national fame for being the host of an infotainment show the current Affair. In 1991, he co-produced and created his show called ‘The Maury Povich Show’ which was a tabloid talk show in America. In 1998, this show was renamed to its short form called Maury. While the run of this show, Maury Povich was honoured by the New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, for raising awareness of National Adoption Month. 

Maury Trailer

Time and again the show was renewed and had come up with challenging and emotionally sensitive topics. These shows and episodes were introduced early through trailers that were being posted constantly through the theMauryShowOfficial channel on youtube. However, with the disheartening news of the show not getting any renewal and having come to an end, we are here with no upcoming trailers for the tabloid talk show.

Where to Watch Maury?

This tabloid talk show can be viewed online for free through Plex or Pluto. However, you can also enjoy the same through your Amazon Fire Stick. Apart from all these, Maury can be primarily watched online on Youtube.

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