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Is Misa Amane Smart?

Misa Amane is indeed a rising model, artist, and Kira fan who went on to be the 2nd Kira. She reaches out to Kira following obtaining a Death Note to praise him for murdering the person who killed her parents and to lend him her assistance. After completing the exchange for the Shinigami Eyes, Misa discovers that Kira’s real identity is Light Yagami. Following the meeting with Light, she vows to devote the rest of her life to assisting Light in any way she can, and she vows to be using her sight to discover L’s true identity.

Misa Amane can be a real pain. Notwithstanding Light’s several efforts to assassinate her, she isn’t as stupid as she appears on occasions, and she even survives long enough for the story to outlast him.

She is a well-known model who acquires the Death Note upon encountering a Shinigami. Misa is unaware that the other Shinigami has fallen out of love with her and is using the Death Note to protect her from a predator.

How Misa Amane is Smart?

Misa Amane
Misa Amane

Misa Amane is frequently overlooked by the bulk of Death Note fans, who dismiss her as a ditzy idiot who is enamored with Light. Even for the creators’ standards, she is dismissed as just a token female romantic lead. Misa, on the other hand, is much more.

Misa is a multifaceted protagonist with a compassionate and sorrowful past that sheds meaning on her activities in Death Note, which so many people seem to miss.

Misa’s family was murdered by gangsters while she was a child, and she was later assaulted and fatally wounded by a criminal, only to then be rescued by the Shinigami Jealous. Consider the tension and psychological trauma that these events could produce. It reveals why she is so connected to Light: there was no one to cling to after losing her family and then almost her life, so she clung to Light.

This also reveals why she holds Kira’s ideas so dearly. Kira is a comfort for her, a thing she can cling to. It’s her vengeance, something which makes her feel strong.

Misa’s friendship with Rem is yet another intriguing aspect of her character. Misa and Rem have a special connection to the two that are depicted in the film. It was a novel manner of portraying Shinigami and human connections. It was significantly different from Light and Ryuk.

Misa’s IQ is frequently questioned; nonetheless, Misa is smarter than she really gets credit for, just not in the same manner as L or Light is.

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Misa’s brilliance is built on her ability to manipulate and deceive others. Misa is well aware of her attractiveness and is not hesitant to take advantage of it. Her work as a model and actress has also helped her become an expert at deceiving and deceiving people. She employs these abilities several times in Death Note. There are two major times when she uses these skills to aid L and Light.

Misa assists Matsuda in escaping the Yotsuba Corporation after one of these instances. She utilizes her cleverness to divert their attention away from them, allowing Matsuda to flee. To draw down their defenses, she utilizes a mixture of her charisma and acting talent. Misa was the only explanation Matsuda was managed to get out of that scenario.

Misa’s role in implicating Higuchi was the most well-known. She deceived Higuchi into disclosing his real identity as Kira by getting on his radar and then lowering his defenses. Without L’s assistance, l was able to complete the majority of this scheme.

Sure, Misa hasn’t always been the brightest or even most sensible person in the room, however, there are justifiable reasons for this, and Misa’s personality is complicated and lovely in so many ways.

Where to Watch Death Note?

Misa is yet another character from the Death Note anime tv show. On anime lab, Hulu, Netflix, and Crunchyroll, the series is accessible. The program is so successful that several platforms would really like to make it available for streaming, but only a few streaming sites are able to do it as of now.

Death Note Trailer

The series’ trailer is also accessible on streaming services and on YouTube. The animated TV series is based on a comic book, and a live-action film has previously been published. We strongly advise folks to see it.

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