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Is Missing: The Lucy Blackman Case Based On A True Story?

This 2000 case of a 21-year-old has been very intricately put into a series by Netflix. Missing: The Lucy Blackman case is a Netflix special that revolves around the incident and portrays the dark turn it took. The story throws light towards the seedy areas of Tokyo, and how her father spared no time and reported to the police quickly.

This story is all about the life of Lucy Blackman, all the intricate details about her case and how her body was discovered. The documentary series has delved into the genre of crime, inspection and truth while keeping it highly mysterious. The audience has had a question over the years and this article is going to address it.

Most of the audience knows all the details about the Lucy Blackman case but some of them, have a throbbing question hidden away. The most frequent word on the street is whether the story is a true story or not. To answer these speculations, we will have to dive deep into the root of the series. Come on, let’s take you through the journey!

Is Missing: The Lucy Blackman Case Based On A True Story?

Is Missing: The Lucy Blackman Case Based On A True Story?

Missing: The Lucy Blackman is a Netflix series carved out to bring out details about the case of Lucy and what took place in this horrific incident. Lucy Blackman was a 21-year-old British native, with a love for travelling. Her passion towards travelling was big enough for her to consider moving to Japan for a few years.

Her father, Tim Balckman has spoken about her passion towards travelling and how she aimed to finish high school and travel the world. While Japan was a very safe country back then except for its few dirty streets, her father’s approval was not hard to attain. Thus began her journey in Japan.

After moving into the country of Japan, she started adapting to the area and was known to be a very sweet, lively and kind woman. She was known for her ability to make a lot of new friends and bring life to a room with her liveliness. She worked as a hostess at the Club Casablanca which was located in Roppongi, Tokyo. While such a job came with its own dangers, nobody could even have imagined seeing how her life took dark turns.

Before delving into the complete tale, let me tell you about the origin of the story. Yes, this is a true story based on the life of a 21-year-old. The story is not something that is woven for entertainment but mainly showcases the true events that took place in this case. While such a young girl did not know what was coming her way, sudden actions by her father could not save her too. Her wonderful life in the new country was shattered and dismembered into pieces.

Thus, this is a very true story based on the life of Lucy Blackman and the details about her case in very intricate details. The documentary series is available to stream on Netflix. Here is the full story of what happened.


Missing: The Lucy Blackman Case

Is Missing: The Lucy Blackman Case Based On A True Story?

Lucy was working at the Club Casablanca and was enjoying life in her new city. Suddenly on the night of July 1, 2000, Lucy’s father Tim reported Lucy to be missing. When he realised that the police were not very keen on following up and did not communicate much, he instantly flew out. Tim and Sophie Blackman’s arrival helped speed up the process. It is shown that while a missing person case usually has five cops working on it, in the case of Lucy- hundreds of officials were investigating this one.

The case becomes more interesting when its political angle is portrayed when he meets the prime minister of Britain, Tony Blair. The Japanese prime minister assured the distressed parents that they would find the scoundrel without fail.

 Month after month passed by with no hope of her return. The utter silence caused more fear in all of those awaiting news and finally, there was something to know. After the officials considered a lot of statements and hints, they found the remains of Lucy, which opened us up to a shocking detail. Through the autopsy, it was confirmed that Lucy was drugged and abused sexually before this predator strangled her to death before ruining her body.

The further investigation process was a little challenging since there were no leads or witnesses that could help them move further with the case. A search at her workplace and searches around Club Casablanca did not provide any details and felt like a dead end.

It got even more complicated when most of the statements stated that she was a very kind person who did not have enemies. While they felt that the case was unnecessarily being dragged forward, they moved back to the initial statements and evidence and found a huge loophole that they had to pay attention to earlier.

The managers at Club Casablanca had informed them about a man who would take girls to his seaside resort. Upon arrival, the girls often seemed very uncomfortable as well. After revisiting this statement and working towards it, this was a very important piece of evidence.

After the manager was interviewed, they understood that the man visited numerous such clubs and drove cars that were fancy. When the investigation went deeper, there was tons of evidence. Several hostesses came forward to speak about the businessman who asked them to dinner, drugged and abused them later. Even though all of them knew the man, nobody was aware of his address or his whereabouts.

There was a little hope when the police came in contact with an Australian, who had noted down the number of the man and his name was Yuji Honda. While this was just bait, they soon found out that this man had contacted Luct Balckman the night before she went missing.

After they found hard evidence about the case, the police arrested a businessman Joju Obara for the crime. The man tried to prove his innocence and tried to escape from any connection to Lucy. But a thorough search of his apartment revealed evidence of him drugging and assaulting hostesses from all around the area.

They also found remains of Lucy in the seaside cave near the restaurant. However, he tried to get away from all of these accusations. But when the police were able to connect him to the death of Carita Ridgway, a girl who passed away from liver failure due to chloroform, he was further convicted of numerous rape charges.

All of this meant the end of Joji Obara and the full stop to all of his horrendous activities. The first trial seemed like he was getting away with the death of Lucy and there was a second one filed. The second time we were convicted for the dismembering of Lucy’s body. He was also convicted of the manslaughter of Carita in 2007. Thus, this predator was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment for all of his crimes.


Since 2008, the man has been behind bars in a Japanese Prison. The Netflix series about Lucy Balckman’s life throws light onto this case and explains every detail of the case. Every single evidence, of how they found her body was shown. The statements by her father Tim Blackman and her friends from Japan show us what a wonderful person Lucy was and how she did not deserve such an end.

But she got the justice she deserved when Joji was thrown behind bars for the rape and killing of several women of the same kind. Her case throws light upon such predators and how they escape after doing some horrendous activities.

Her case truly helped the police to fasten their investigation and save many other such girls whom he would have assaulted further. With several cases to his name, Joji Obara is in jail for the rest of his life and he deserves a more severe punishment than this for the torture of many women.

The Netflix series is very informative, very interesting and feels like we went through the exact investigation along with the officers. So if you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it soon. This is a very interesting case and may her soul rest in peace.

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