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Is My Name is Loh Kiwan Based on a True Story ?

The narrative of “My Name is Loh Kiwan,” a Korean romantic drama film available on Netflix, centers on a North Korean defector who, after suffering a terrible escape from China, seeks shelter in Belgium. But Kiwan faces new challenges in the strange place as he struggles to obtain refugee status and makes it through the ensuing months. His paths eventually intersect with Marie, a young lady facing her own struggles and resentment. Despite their turbulent beginnings, Kiwan and Marie progressively get to know one another, finding a spark of love and optimism as they recognize themselves in one other’s hardships.

The emotional core of the narrative is around Kiwan and Marie’s romance, but the movie explores sociopolitical themes of North Korean refugees and the challenges they have in escaping their country’s autocratic government. Kiwan’s plot continues to reflect an underrepresented portion of reality for the same causes, which may prompt viewers to question if the narrative’s legitimacy stems from any common links to reality.

Is My Name is Loh Kiwan Based on a True Story?

The narrative of “My Name is Loh Kiwan” is not real. Instead, Cho Hae-jin’s 2011 Korean fiction book “I Met Loh Kiwan” is where it all began. Since then, Ji-Eun Lee has translated the work into English, bringing the narrative to a global readership. The narrative of the book is from the viewpoint of a South Korean TV program writer who, upon learning about Loh Kiwan’s escape from North Korea, follows his journey in great detail.

The tale takes readers on a journey from North Korea to Belgium and London, where the title character Loh Kiwan and Kim share stories and insights about their lives. This book does a great job of bringing emotional, universal emotions together with a focused socio-political experience as it chronicles the difficult journey of seeking asylum abroad.

It is in this sense that, despite its fictitious beginnings, Author Hae-jin succeeds in bringing a very genuine narrative that speaks to reality. Writing with social importance is something the author does not stop doing, even after delving into the complexities of politically disenfranchised narratives in earlier works.

The story of My Name is Loh Kirwan 

In “My Name is Loh Kiwan,” a guy named Kiwan and his mother escape North Korea and find themselves in dangerous conditions in China, where people who defect are subjected to cruel treatment. Kiwan and his mother are taken away by force after they are found out by the authorities.

Kiwan sets out for Brussels, Belgium, by himself, driven by his desire to fulfil his mother’s final request that he find safety. Kiwan battles the harsh weather and homelessness in Brussels, a city that is completely unknown to him. His desire to create a better life is unwavering in the face of obstacles.

He meets Marie, a former national athlete of Belgium, who is also managing her own struggles, along the journey. As Kiwan and Marie become closer, they face their pasts and cooperate to get over their struggles. They find resiliency and optimism in each other’s presence because of their common experiences.

The storyline of “My Name is Loh Kiwan” delves into themes of perseverance, survival, and the ability of the human spirit to face hardship. The narrative traces the path of two people who, in the face of insurmountable obstacles, are trying to forge a brighter future together and who, in the end, find strength and comfort in their relationship.

Review of My Name is Loh Kiwan 

In the midst of hardship and a need for atonement, the love drama My Name Is Loh Kiwan explores the interwoven destiny of its heroes. The story primarily centres on Loh Ki-wan, a man who underwent a difficult journey to escape tyranny and find asylum in Belgium from North Korea. Along with his mother, they make a dangerous escape that ends in a heartbreaking parting that paves the way for Ki-wan’s lonely struggle in a strange nation. His mother’s final request becomes a beacon of hope, pushing him to keep going in spite of the enormous challenges that lie ahead.

The meeting between Ki-wan and Marie, a figure whose personal conflict reflects his own, is important to the story. A tragic heist that precipitates their first confrontation kicks off a series of events that unexpectedly entwines their destiny. Marie plays a crucial role as Ki-wan tries to work her way through the maze-like bureaucracy of applying for refugee status; her personal struggles add levels of nuance to their developing connection.

Where to Watch This Movie?

My Name is Loh Kiwan is available to watch on Netflix


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