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Is Narco Saints Based On A True Story?

Park Hae Soo, Ha Jung Woo and Yoo Yeon Seok are finally back with another masterpiece but this time their drama is kind of different from their previous works, it is already a treat for Kdrama fans by seeing these three in one frame. Tons of ongoing Kdramas are released on Netflix and many of them are Netflix original series, Narco Saints is one of them.

This new Korean Drama got premiered on September 9, 2022, consisting of 6 episodes overall. The romanized title of this series is “Suriname” which is directed by the director Yoon Jong Bin. Since Narco Saints got aired on Netflix, it has been dominating the top 10 Netflix shows in India and also in many other regions. This drama is captivating the attention of the viewers because of its astonishing storyline, satisfying scenes, and top-notch Star cast.

Is Narco Saints Based On A True Story?

Is Narco Saints Based On A True Story?

As Narco Saints is being the center of attention among the viewers, so this question also has caught the attention of the viewers. The answer is Yes, Narco Saints is based on true events. The basic story is one civilian get involved in a secret operation to catch a drug dealer posing as a Priest and exploiting people. He has 5 trusted men but one is a part of Nic.

To be more specific, the drama depicts the life of Kang In Gu who is still struggling with making ends meet. Life is tough so he decided to do something with his friend who gave him a nice idea. There is this one country Suriname, they have this one fish which locals don’t like and if they catch it they just throw it away. But Koreans love that fish but it’s expensive, So In Gu goes to Suriname to export this fish to Korea. He can make a huge amount of money this way.

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Initially, he arrives and gets everything set up, he is really sharp-minded and a good businessman and his friend is slow but good with the local language, now they started working but government officers visited them asking for money obviously soldier asked for 2k dollars every month but In Gu gave him a better option and they made a deal without any issues.

There is one Chinese gang head who is merciless and attacks them and he started asking them to give him money as water tax but the issue between Kang In Gu and the Chinese guy head gets solved when the priest of the church gets involved to solve their problem but after this problem got over, Kang In Gu witnessed another big problem, when he gets to know that there are cocain in the containers and the ship also gets caught.

But this is not where the story ends this is where the begins, soon he learns that the priest is actually a drug dealer and the police are in search of him, many more things happen and Kang In Gu gets involved in this case and tries to find out the drug dealer who did this to him and his friend, if you want to know more details about this drama then you should watch on it as the drama is based on a true story so you need to be updated on the facts, watching this drama will help you a lot to know more about the real case.

The Cast of Narco Saints

Is Narco Saints Based On A True Story?

The cast of Narco Saints includes Ha Jung Woo as Kang In Gu, who previously worked in the movie “Along With The Gods” which is also available on Netflix, Hwang Jung Min as Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan, Park Hae Soo as Choi Chang Ho, he recently did a comeback with the drama Money Heist Korea- Joint Economic Area and also a part of the drama Squid Game and Prison Playbook, he has done many popular dramas, Jo Woo Jin as Byun Ki Tae (previously worked in the series Happiness which is also available on Netflix, Yoo Yeon Seok as David Park (also worked in the Netflix series Hospital Playlist, Mr. Sunshine and many more are there), Choi Ja Hyun as Hye Jin, Kim Si Hyun as Si Hyeon, Ko Gun Han as Dong Woo, Kim Min Gwi as Lee Sang Jun, Hyun Bong Sik as Park Eung Soo and many more are there.

Where To Watch Narco Saints Online?

All 6 episodes of Narco Saints are up on Netflix, if you are a Netflix user then you can easily stream the drama without any issues. The series is still dominating the top 10 Netflix series list and it is also trending in India.

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