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Is Ncuti Gatwa Really Gay? Is Sex Education Eric Really Gay?

Ncuti Gatwa was born on 15th October 1992 and is now 29. He is a Libran according to his zodiac sign. He was born in Rwanda but while he was still a toddler genocide began in Rwanda due to which his family had to move to Scotland. He has been raised to the fine man he is now in Oxgangs and Fifi in Scotland. He still has got a Scottish accent on him but we rarely notice it on the very famous show Sex Education where he plays the role of a gay guy Eric.

He says that the role is an inspiration to him and that he wants his role to be a hope for all the guys of color who are held back due to their ethnicity. His role will also help the people afraid to embrace their sexuality to society as when they see Eric being honest about himself and how people have accepted him and have a good time it shall be a good lesson for them too.

Is Ncuti Gatwa Really Gay?

ncuti gatwa gay
Ncuti Gatwa

People or, more accurately, fans and paparazzi have a way of prying into the lives of these stars. As soon as you hit the spotlight of stardom, they will be everywhere. Waiting for you to hold hands with a coworker or show up at a diner late and then shall paint the next day’s headlines with just you. So, stars these days are very careful and extremely private about their relationships and sexuality as not everyone wishes for the world to know their business. Just like the star of this article, Ncuti Gatwa is also very private about his life.

Even after various questions directly online or indirectly in interviews he has not said anything about his sexuality or choices in life. As fans we all do try to make out clues from his statements in interviews. He mentioned that it is very important for the black community and the gay community both to get proper representation on television. As a character that has both these attributes, he surely knows how much responsibility lies on his shoulders.

He always has wanted to give hope to all young men who are having trouble facing reality or getting adjusted to society. He has acted in such a natural and cool way that people shall think that if he can do all that and still be the cool one, why can we not be that way? But based on this, we cannot, however, decide what the preferences of this actor are. The best thing is to wait till he feels comfortable enough to share it with his beloved fans like us. Also, we still have our best internal source in the lives of our stars, the media. We can wait till we have an update from them about this.

Ncuti has never been open about his sexuality in front of the world; he considers this person and doesn’t like to share it, which is correct. But, Ncuti played a Gay guy Eric in Sex Education, and he is not Eric in real life.

Ncuti Gatwa has always mentioned in various interviews that he loved his character of Sex Education, and he thinks the character brings motivation to many little boys around the world. He once said many little boys can look up to his character and say, “Oh, Eric is like this, and still, he is so cool.”

Is Sex Education Eric Really Gay?

Ncuti says that his accent might not always sound that Scottish as it is something that stirs up only when people in his own country surround him. Ncuti completed his education in Scotland itself. While Boroughmuir high school and Dunfermline high school were where he did schooling, he attended college at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Acting in 2013. His father, Mr. Tharcisse Gatwa. He ethnically belongs to Karongi District. He is a journalist with a Ph.D. Theology.

Ever since he appeared in the role of Eric in Sex Education people have been intrigued by his amazing portrayal. He has played so well that he has won a British Academy of Film and Television Awards Scotland for best actor and two BAFTA Television Award nominations for best male comedy performance. Many have said that as he has played the role as well almost as if this is his true self it might be possible that he is gay. So many people have searched about it and asked him this as well. If you are one of those people too then do not worry, we have got you covered. Read along and discover all we have collected for you.

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Why Is Ncuti Gatwa Famous?

ncuti gatwa gay
Ncuti Gatwa

There’s no doubt Ncuti Gatwa is a fabulous actor, and his skills are mind-blowing. He is known for his various movies and TV shows. If you remembered the 2014 sitcom, The Bob Servant, you might have seen little Ncuti in it.

Then he was cast in a miniseries called Stonemouth. His acting career turned when he worked in Sex Education, a hit worldwide. Recently, Ncuti has been selected as the new Dr. Who. In order to promote his character, Harris once said in an interview, that Ncuti’s character, Dr, Who would be the first gay Doctor. He never shared his sexuality publicly, but he knew that his character would be the coolest, and so it is.

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