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Is Netflix’s Anxious People Based On A True Story?

If you are a fan of crime documentaries with a little touch of comedy, you would have probably heard of Anxious People streaming currently on Netflix. The show has balanced crime, thriller, and comedy in the show very perfectly which is very rare to find these days. The show is doing good and has already created its place among the fans. The show has received a really good response from the audience, fans, and critics. The ratings of the show on the various platform are really very impressive. You would not want to miss this show.

Fans are also wondering about season 2 of the show. To make it very clear, the show has not been renewed yet. However, it has not been canceled too still there is a very low chance of getting a season 2 of Anxious People as it has already covered the plot of the book it is based on.

Anxious People Season 1 Story

The story of the show is also quite interesting. It revolves around a bank robber who has failed. He locked himself in an apartment but the twist here is that he is not alone. Along with him, there is a pregnant woman, a millionaire who wants to kill himself, a real state agent, a rabbit, and two IKEA addicts.

Is Anxious People Based On A True Story?

Is Netflix's Anxious People Based On A True Story?
Anxious People

Ever since the show is released, fans are wondering if the story of the show is based on a true event inspired by some real-life incident. Well, we have all the information related to it so keep reading the article till the last. According to various reports and sources, it is not based on any real-life story or incident however it is based on anxious people which are not really very hard to find. Moreover, this crime documentary is based on a book of the same name. However, two years before the author wrote the book, he, with his wife, was looking for a house where he got distracted and noticed people coming and going out. There, he got the idea that this will make a perfect hostage situation and the result is here. The best part was that the writer also noticed people who seem to be very straightforward but turn out to be complex human beings once you know them. He wrote a successful book that has been adapted into a crime documentary. This documentary is also doing good on the OTT platform.

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Anxious People Season 1 Cast

The cast of the show includes some of the familiar faces and has done justice to their roles. Each member seems to be selected wisely and they have tried their best to fit in the respective roles. The main cast of the show includes Alfred Svensson, Sascha Zacharias, Petrina Solange, Sofia Ledarp, Carla Sehn, Marika Lagercrantz, Per Andersson, Shima Niavarani, Dan Ekborg, Leif Andree and many more. This cast managed to make the show look very real all thanks to their acting and their hard work. However, we should not miss the makeup artists who also have done their best to make these characters look real with the help of their amazing makeup skills.

Anxious People Season 1 Trailer

Anxious People

Netflix has already uploaded the trailer and teaser of the first season on YouTube. If you wish to watch the trailer, you just have to click on the link given above. You will be able to watch the trailer. In case you liked the trailer and the plot of the show and wish to watch the full show, for your reference, it is available on Netflix. You can watch the show on Netflix if you have a premium account. Tell us what did you think of the show in the comment box.

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