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Is Netflix’s The Abandoned Based on Real Serial Killings?

Netflix is known for their wonderful selection of different genres and collections. With languages varying so much, the vast collection helps any user pick the perfect show for their taste. The story in discussion today is one such thrilling mystery. Originally titled ‘Cha Wu Ci Xin; it is a Taiwanese crime film. Its other title is The Abandoned following a series of killings that is followed up by a police investigation.

Its gripping plot has led us all to get more indulged in this series and thus, new questions have arisen. The story follows Deputy Police Officer Wu, who is pained by the tragic suicide of her fiancé. She thus also has such thoughts and is thinking of acting on them. When a dead woman’s body washes up the shore, Wu forgets her own suicidal thoughts and is determined to solve her case.

The gripping story is a very thrilling watch and Wu’s charm is a plus point. Many audiences have recently been curious about the story of The Abandoned. Most of them are wondering if the story is actually inspired by real killings.

Don’t worry, we have the answers here! Read further to everything we have in store for you!

Is Netflix’s The Abandoned Based on Real Serial Killings?

The Abandoned is a Taiwanese movie that revolves around the brave Officer Wu. Wu is an officer who has started depriving into depression due to the death of her fiancé. She also starts having self-harming thoughts but they quickly vanish when she sees a woman’s body wash up on shore. She is driven with motivation to find the murderer.

It is confirmed to be a murder since there is a missing finger and also a missing heart. She is paired along with a newbie officer, Wei-shan to go on with the investigation. As she goes deeper into the investigation, she finds more information about other killings of the same kind all of which, point to one common killer. While Wu is trying to fight a lot of internal battles, her determination to bring justice to all the victims is admirable. There are a lot of realistic approaches to the story and this makes it even more interesting.

Speaking about the plot, the story is not based on a true story. Yes, this story is not based on a real story and is an art of fiction. Directed by Ying-Ting Tseng along with Pin Chun Lin, and Yi Chein Yang, its story that follows a deep investigation is truly interesting.

The story has been so real that it has convinced and confused most audiences to think that this might be a real story. This shows the approach the makers have used is truly very inspiring. But if we are following a real story, this one does not seem to have followed any reports of a Taiwanese killer who had an eye for illegal migrants. Thus, the story is purely fictional and is not derived from any real-life story.


The Abandoned

The nature of realism carried throughout the story is highly impressive. The character development, writing, theme everything seems to have aligned perfectly. The director’s history with a family of police officers has helped develop such a compelling story. Thus, the depth of the relationships and the scenarios are all very realistic and understandable to a very large extent.

The story revolving around one criminal who has taken numerous victims is interesting but the path followed to catch him is truly inspiring. The story mainly focuses on the internal turmoils that the police officers go through on a daily basis but the strong face they put on for the sake of their job is truly respectable. While she was on the verge of giving up, the inspiration to work harder and help those who were in her fiance’s situation was her main motivation.

While many cop shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and others are focused on both the fun and thrilling parts of cops’ lives, this one particularly has worked to show everything on a very real level. According to some reports, there has been a 54% increase in the suicide risk of officers. But instead of just focusing on something and trying to send a message, they are also focusing on solving a crime that makes the audience more involved.

The realistic environment has truly inspired many to watch the series and appreciate it for its good work. If you haven’t watched it yet, it is available to stream on Netflix.

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