Is Our Father Based On True Story?

One thing that Netflix should be appreciated and excels in is how it handles documentaries and make them interesting. One of its successful and interesting documentaries is Our Father. The documentary was crazy with a crazy un-realist story portrayed in a realist form which makes us doubt is the true story?

The twisted story of a doctor who is a very famous fertility doctor. He was known for his miracles of making women who were infertile child-bearing. The twist behind the story was released making it more disgusting how a person can be more disturbing. If you have this documentary, the mind’s first question is, is this possible?

He is known as a doctor who used his sperm instead of donated sperms in his Patient’s IVF. Due to this, he knows to have become a father to almost 50 children in the years between the 1970S and 1980’S. This might be sounding like a frictional story that was formed in some sicking person’s mind.

Is Our Father Based On True Story?

Is Our Father Based On True Story?
Our Father documentary

Even though this is sicking to think, the sad truth is that this documentary was based on a very true and sicking story. The very twisted person behind this documentary is Dr. Donald Cline. This documentary follows Jacoba Ballard who was one of the children that were consumed from the doctor’s sperm.

Thinking about having some secretive siblings, she has taken a DNA test. This DNA test lead to some suspicious results which showed that she had 7 siblings. Having 7 siblings was defined as the best practice for infertility.

As more people who became curious about their family or siblings or relations were confronted with the disgusting truth. They got to know that their mothers have been fooled and were instilled with their doctor’s sperm without their knowledge.

As some children got to know and started to investigate this case they were being confronted with more and more disgusting news. They have then left their trust in the government to see the truth of this disgusting and disturbing act come to the truth and get justice. This case was a classic story of an unethical case with disturbing outcomes and impeachment of trust.

Some parts of the documentary might be exaggerated for entertainment purposes but most of the story was based on a true story and much exaggeration was not needed as the truth was twisted enough.

According to the documentary, how did they find out there were related to Dr cline was when Ballard was trying to know if there are any more off-springs. To do this she went to many online forms and asked for Adoptees and Donor-conceived children to a DNA. After finding that a person whose mother was Dr. Cline’s patient and them being half-springs. After they confirmed many other off-springs and matches, they concluded that their mother was fooled.

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Do You Know About Dr. Donald Cline?

Is Our Father Based On True Story?
Our Father documentary

After knowing the story Of Our Father, the next obvious question is where is he now and what is he doing? Even after knowing these actions, the law couldn’t do anything as there was no proper way to punish him.

Not until 2017 he was punished for his disturbing acts and paid for his actions. He retired from being a doctor in 2009. Later he was convicted of two felonies which were obstruction of investigation and lying in the invention about using his perm.

In 2018 his license was surrendered to the medical licensing board of Indiana. The board later also voted on him not getting to reinstate his license again.

Other than these two felonies nothing could be done. He just received a punishment of a one-year sentence. The sad truth was that no law prohibited the doctor from using his sperm. Later in 2019, a law was passed in Legislation that it is a criminal offense to use their sperm for fertility, for a doctor without getting the patient’s consent.

White when questioned has shown his grief in being unable to punish the doctor more because of the poor law system, and it’s good that legislation has passed for the future where patients and children are protected and not fooled.

As crazy as this documentary sounds this is a true story so it’s recommended that you know the doctor and check the consent properly and have a trustful doctor.

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