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Is Rest in Peace Based on a True Story: Details Here!

Descansar en Paz, sometimes known as Rest in Peace, is a recent thriller drama film from Argentina that is currently available on Netflix. It does a good job of telling an engaging plot. The story revolves around Sergio Dayan, a businessman who has borrowed money from a risky moneylender and is presently struggling with massive debts. However, things unexpectedly take a very fortuitous turn when it is thought that Sergio perished in a horrifying terrorist bombing in the city. Rest in Peace is a fun film to watch overall without really going too far in the serious direction.

Is Rest in Peace Based on a True Story 

“Rest in Peace” is based on Martín Baintrub’s book of the same name, which has imaginary people interacting with a real-world setting. Following the course laid out in the novel, screenwriters Sebastián Borensztein and Marcos Osorio Vidal included real facts and iconic episodes from Argentine history into the tale. An actual incident that took place in Buenos Aires in 1994, for example, is mirrored in the blast that forces Sergio to escape.

There is instantaneous pandemonium and carnage over the entire area due to a terrible bomb explosion. It has been established that the bombing was a terror attack targeting the Jewish community, and several people are said to have died and been injured. Of particular note in our situation is Sergio Dayan, who vanished following the explosion and may have passed away, taking all of his obligations with him.

Story of Rest in Peace

In the opening scene of Rest in Peace, which takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sergio is in a jewellery store purchasing a gold necklace for his daughter Florencia. Florencia is going to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah, which her father is buying a gift for, because she turned thirteen recently, which is the age at which a person is regarded to be a legal adult in the Jewish faith. Even though Sergio purchases a stunning gold necklace, he is anxious about other things and turns to face an older people, untidy homeless guy who is playing with several street dogs.

It soon becomes apparent that Sergio is very concerned and unsettled about his financial circumstances since his business has been declining. Florencia’s school fees are unpaid, which puts a great deal of strain on the family, in addition to the factory workers’ justifiable demands for payment for the preceding several months’ work.

The protagonist owes money to several members of his family in addition to the strangers who are awaiting repayment from Sergio, and things appear hopeless for him. To raise some money, the guy chooses to sell his family’s rural home to a friend. With the promise that he will repay Brenner the entire amount as soon as possible, he returns the money. Sergio intends to visit the Brenner office the very next fateful morning. He parks his car at a well-known parking lot and walks the remaining distance while carrying the money concealed within a money belt.

Review of Rest in Peace 

In essence, Rest In Peace tells the tale of Sergio Dayan (Joaquín Furriel), a family man who goes above and beyond to save himself and his family from debt. To be honest, this is a bit of an understatement considering the threats his family faces beyond just their financial situation. Instead, their lives are actually at danger. He acts quickly and chooses to exploit a horrific bombing, which results in several casualties and extensive damage. Even though he is present, he only sustains minor bruises. But at this point, he concludes it would be preferable if he vanished and was taken to be dead.

Despite a few striking, exaggerated images that befit an action movie with real heart and purpose, “R.I.P.D.” is primarily noisy and clumsy. Fundamentally, it’s just too conventional to warrant filmmaker Schwentke’s wild anti-gravity camerawork, which involves sidestepping, arcing, snap-zooming, and whip-panning. With time-slice photography, otherwise, motionless photos of explosions and gunfights may have a virtual camera snoop about; it’s kind of amazing, like something from Discovery Channel, but whatever. Some of the most flawless cloud effects can be seen in a scene when Ryan Reynolds, who plays Will Smith’s “Men in Black” in this movie, is pulled up into the purgatorial police station after dying in a raid.


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