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Is The Marvel Character Speed Gay? Here Are The Facts You Should Know

When it comes to Marvel, we have a lot of characters whom we might be meeting in almost every popular movie but yes, the world of marvel doesn’t just end up with characters like Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, or basically who were seen in the Avengers world. But, in fact, there is way more to the above-mentioned character.

Well, there are a lot of other characters within the Marvel universe which include Deadpool, Jessica Jones, Antman, Wolverine, Adam, and a lot more. However, by adding superheroes to its universe, Marvel has been among the production houses which strongly believes in equality of all sort of genders and they showcase their equi-gender approach by adding character additions who are gay or even lesbian.

Currently, there are many characters who are actually introduced to the Marvel universe and are actually gay in sexuality. When you go through the list of characters, you will find one impressive character within the Marvel universe who has been featured in the comics named Speed.

For this article, we will be covering all the details you should know about the character name, Speed. All of the details include everything about the hero from sexuality to everything.

Is Speed gay?

Let’s start with the sexuality part! As we mentioned, Marvel has been among the producers who have been addressing equality among the genders through its characters. When it comes to shortlisting gay characters, the list will be including the name Speed.

For the people who are not much aware of the character or might have forgotten about his arrival, to let you know speed is the exact character who has in fact appeared twice in the world of Marvel universe movies.

Didn’t get the hint? Okay, let’s make it easier for you by unveiling his movie appearance. The character has previously appeared in two recently unveiled Marvel movies, the WandaVision as well as in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. He has appeared in both movies as one of the twin boys of Wanda.

Does the movie reveal his sexuality? Well, if you go with the movie plot, you won’t find any further details which will be explaining about the sexuality of the character but things will get a little clear when it comes to comics. As movies are also adapted from comics but during production, there will be certain changes applied.

Talking about the sexuality part, you will find in the comic that the character named Speed who is also known by another name as Tommy Shepherd appears as the young fictional as well as bisexual superhero. This superhero’s powers reached through the genetics shared with his uncle, Quicksilver.

So, answer your question about whether the character Speed is gay. The answer is a BIG YES! Although in the movie, you won’t be noticing any gay stuff happening in the comic world, it’s quite clear about the sexuality of the character.

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Who is Speed in Marvel?

If you have known about the sexuality of the marvel character, let’s now have a look at who is actually Speed. As per marvel’s claims, Speed is among the character who has been appearing in Marvel comics as the youngest Avenger member.

As we mentioned, he has received his power from his uncle. The first time he was introduced to the world of Marvel comics was back in March 2006 which was the exact time when the Younger Avengers comic was launched.

What are the superpowers of the Marvel character, Speed?

Is Speed gay?

Well, with his name itself you must have got an idea about his superhero powers! He is the mutant who has the power for moving from one place to another at highly accelerated speeds that are way beyond a human to even detect through their own eyes.

The superhero is known for having the best reflexes, agility, and durability. Talking about durability, the superhero has the power to actually withstand incoming gun bullets also on the durability side, the hero’s lower body has a higher strength which gives him the capability to lift around 2 tons of weight and on the upper body, the hero has the capacity to lift around 800lbs.

If you are thinking about how speed can this character accelerate, as per the numbers concerned, it’s been reported that the character can attain the speed of sound which is around Rs. 1225km/h, and also his body doesn’t follow any restrictions towards fiction.

Will Speed appear in future Marvel movies?

After his death in the Avengers Endgame movie, the superhero again made an entry within the Avengers Infinity Wars followed by his arrival in Doctor Strange as well as the WandaVision movie. As of now, we don’t have any updates about the character’s arrival but as the character is not dead in the plot, we can definitely expect it to appear in future Marvel movies.

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