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Is Ten Percent Season 2 release date Confirmed?

The British comedy television series “Ten Percent”. It is based on the French series “Call My Agent!” Ten Percent Season 2 release date. Both shows are set in talent agencies that face upheaval when their founder unexpectedly passes away. In “Ten Percent,” the London talent agency, Nightingale Hart, is managed by agents Jonathan Nightingale (Jack Davenport), Rebecca Fox (Lydia Leonard), Stella Hart (Maggie Steed), and Dan Bala (PrasannaPuwanarajah).

 They navigate interactions with celebrity clients, with many real actors portraying versions of themselves. The series premiered in select markets on Amazon Prime Video on April 28, 2022. It is also aired in the United States on BBC America.

Ten Percent Season 2 release date

Variety confirms that “Ten Percent,” the U.K. adaptation of the hit French comedy “Call My Agent,”. It will not return for a second season. Starring Jack Davenport, Lydia Leonard, Prasanna Puwanarajah, and Maggie Steed, the series premiered on Amazon Prime Video in the U.K. in April 2022 and on Sundance Now and AMC+ in the U.S.

The original French series, titled “Dix Pour Cent” (“Ten Percent”), enjoyed widespread success. It runs for four seasons and propels its cast, including Camille Cottin and AssaadBouab, to international stardom. Despite this, the U.K. adaptation faced challenges, including the departure of Amazon Studios Europe boss Georgia Brown shortly after its launch, streamer restructuring, and the collapse of Bron Studios.

While the U.K. adaptation boasted a star-studded cast. It is including Helena Bonham Carter, Dominic West, and David Harewood, and was helmed by showrunner John Morton (“W1A”), these setbacks ultimately prevented the production of a second season.

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Cast of “Ten Percent”

Jack Davenport portrays Jonathan Nightingale, the friendly but authoritative agent and son of agency founder Richard. Lydia Leonard embodies Rebecca Fox, a passionate agent who wants to open a production division and develops a romantic interest in French journalist Margaux. Maggie Steed brings to life Stella Hart, a warm but stern agent who maintains the agency’s founding ideals. PrasannaPuwanarajah plays Dan Bala, a bumbling agent who becomes overly jealous while dating receptionist Zoe. HiftuQuasem portrays Misha Virani, a young Scottish woman who spontaneously joins the agency and helps her colleagues with their career aspirations.

Fola Evans-Akingbola embodies Zoe Spencer, an aspiring actress and the receptionist of Nightingale Hart, who dates Dan. Rebecca Humphries plays Julia Fincham, Jonathan’s attentive assistant who has a crush on him and is initially cold towards Misha. Harry Trevaldwyn portrays Ollie Rogers, Dan’s capable assistant who develops a friendship with Misha and a crush on the new American assistant, Kevin. Eléonore Arnaud brings to life Margaux Martorana. A French journalist who sells the film rights to her book to Rebecca and enters into a tumultuous relationship with her. Edward Bluemel plays Luke Nightingale, an aspiring screenwriter who seeks advice from Misha and nervously approaches his father, Jonathan. Jack Holden portrays Kevin, as the new American assistant who tries to please his bosses. But gets dumped by his boyfriend after moving to London.

 Natasha Little embodies Charlotte Nightingale, Jonathan’s wife and Luke’s mother, who is friendly and kind to Misha. Tim McInnerny plays Simon Gould, an old friend of Richard and Stella who struggles with self-doubt and alcoholism. Chelsey Crisp brings to life Kirsten Furst, an American executive overseeing the agency and dealing with cultural conflicts. Jim Broadbent played Richard Nightingale, the agency’s founder, who is also Jonathan’s father. Smurf the Dog portrays Stella’s loyal dog, named Mathias.

Ten Percent plot

A British version of “Call My Agent!”? Mon Dieu! The critically acclaimed French comedy series, is set at a Parisian talent agency. It now has a British remake set at an agency in the heart of London’s Soho. Named “Ten Percent” (an English translation of “Call My Agent!’s” original name “Dix Pour Cent”), the original became a hit for its exploration of the often-fractious relationship between agent and talent, with skyrocketing egos on one side and endless anxiety on the other. It also received acclaim for featuring cameos by celebrities from Isabelle Huppert to Sigourney Weaver, who relished the opportunity to gently mock themselves. This tradition continues in the British version, with cameos by David and Jessica Oyelowo, Emma Corrin, David Harewood, and Helena Bonham Carter.

At first glance, a remake for a British audience doesn’t seem like a bad idea. The British television and celebrity market is known worldwide and is ripe for exploration and satire. John Morton, the genius behind the London 2012 mockumentary “Twenty Twelve” and its sequel “W1A” (following fictional executives at the BBC), is heavily involved.

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