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Is The Dr. STONE Manga Ending Soon?

Shonen fans have come to like Dr. Stone’s steady plot twists and turn over the last few years. They like how he always keeps things interesting. Fans were told that Dr. Stone’s manga would end in 2022, which means that all good things must come to an end. There’s been a new report, though, that says its exact end date is coming up soon.

Shueisha released a new chapter of Dr. Stone today, as well as a lot of other books, as well. Final Chapter: Dr. Stone showed off a special color spread at the event. It says the last chapter will be out on March 6th.

Dr. Stone and Boichi have been together for five years now and “the past five years with Dr. Stone have been astounding,” the manga’s ending stated.

This is what the manga is all about. Here are our favorite explorers having a party to celebrate the end of the show. 26 pages will be in the manga’s last chapter, which will be it’s last.

Dr. Stone is still on MangaBinge, so if you haven’t read it yet, you can now. Until 2023, Manga Plus will keep giving away the whole series for free. Viz Media has its own backlog of episodes thanks to the digital vault it keeps. Subscribe to Shueisha’s best-selling books and read every single chapter of Dr. Stone and hundreds of other books, too.

Dr. Stone is very interesting, aren’t you? The official synopsis reads like this: “One day, a blinding flash of light scared the entire human race. Taiju, a high school student, wakes up in a world filled with statues after a long time. But he’s not alone! After a few months, Senku’s friend who is interested in science has a big idea. He wants to use the power of science to bring civilization back to life.”

Dr. STONE’s Final Chapter Release Date

Is Dr. STONE Manga Nearing Its End?

Weekly Shonen Jump released the first volume of the series in March 2017. Volume 25 will be available on March 4, 2022. There were 12 million copies of the manga series in circulation as of February 25, 2022.

The official English-language Dr. STONE manga is published by Viz Media in North America. The English translation had already reached Volume 20 by the time Volume 21 was scheduled to be released on May 3, 2022.

If you’re a manga enthusiast who can only read English, you may go to the Viz Media website right immediately. The first three chapters and the last three chapters of each of their translated series are available for free reading.

“When will the Dr. STONE manga end?” is a frequently asked question among fans. The Dr. STONE manga’s climax will take place in November of this year.

When asked by Anime News Network how long he expected Dr. STONE to last, Inagaki said he wasn’t sure.

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Dr. STONE Story

Is Dr. STONE Manga Nearing Its End?

The show’s creators’ plot arc intentions have previously been stated. During Anime NYC 2019, a fan inquired about Senku’s plans to visit New York City. For some reason, Inagaki believes that “[Senku] is now caught up in this island thing,” but that “he still has his sights set on South America.”

Remember that Dr. STONE Season 3 will be focused on the Treasure Island narrative, which is when Inagaki made his comment. Dr. STONE Season 4 and beyond will most likely adapt Senku’s team in the Kingdom of Science to travel to North and South America and Europe in 2020 and 2021, as stated in the manga.

Senku’s ultimate destination has been revealed in recent episodes of Dr. STONE. Senku was well aware after reading the Treasure Island arc that Why-man is the adversary who intends to make all of humanity fearful, and the signal was eventually traced back to the moon.

However, Perseus must go around the world for several years in order to reach the moon. Dr. Xeno was a key stumbling block in the Kingdom of Science’s initial incursion into North America, which resulted in the establishment of Corn City.

Senku and his team then proceeded to South America to learn more about the process of petrification in its early phases. In a tragic twist to the plot, another worldwide petrification wave killed everyone, including Senku!

When a lightning strike is heard, a container containing revival drug fractures, resurrecting Suika. After a long time, young Suika finally follows in her leader’s footsteps and successfully revives Senku.

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