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Is the railway men a true story?

Netflix’s The Railway Men, a gripping historical drama set in the 80s and produced by YRF Entertainment. The film unfolds the tragic narrative of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in its 4-episode mini-series. Is the railway man a true story? The show revolves around ordinary railway workers and individuals who, faced with the calamity. The one transformed into courageous heroes, saving countless lives before succumbing to the deadly gas.

YRF Entertainment embarked on production in December 2021, marking its debut series. The captivating cast, featuring R.Madhavan as Rati Pandey, Kay Kay Menon as Iftekaar Siddiqui, Babil Khan as Imad Riaz, and Divyenndu as the clever 80s dacoit Balwant Yadav, adds depth to the storyline. Premiering on Netflix this month. The Railway Men has swiftly captured the audience’s attention, standing out alongside hits like Kaala Paani.

Is the railway men a true story: Plot?

The series unfolds in Bhopal, India, where Union Carbide India Limited exploits impoverished workers in hazardous conditions. Even before the infamous gas leak, employees were succumbing to the detrimental effects of inhaling toxic chemicals.

The turning point arrives on the ill-fated night of December 2nd. When a significant leak of the corrosive gas Methyl isocyanate occurs at the Union Carbide plant. The lethal gas begins spreading towards the nearby city, escalating the gravity of the situation.

In the face of this crisis, unassuming heroes emerge – a railway manager, a station master, and a young loco pilot. Despite their own agony from eyes and lungs filled with pain. These individuals selflessly step up to aid the citizens of Bhopal during the disaster. Their courage and dedication shine through amidst the chaos. That portraying a compelling narrative of resilience and sacrifice in the midst of adversity.

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Is the railway men a true story?

The Railway Men is indeed based on a tragic and real event. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy. The Netflix series portrays the unfortunate reality of Union Carbide India’s plant in Bhopal. The American company, seeking cheap labor and space, employed local workers and constructed a factory near Bhopal city.

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy stands as one of the most devastating incidents involving chemical exposure from a factory. Prior to the catastrophic event depicted in the Netflix series, warning signs indicated that the plant was not following best practices. Numerous workers had already suffered fatal consequences or severe health issues due to inhaling toxic intermediates like Methyl isocyanate.

The series accurately reflects the horrifying aftermath, mirroring the thousands of local residents who lost their lives. The survivors endured chronic conditions such as eye problems, cancer, and other health issues. Union Carbide India’s owners and operators had opportunities to address leaks and spills beforehand. Their negligence resulted in the deaths of thousands in a single night. The pesticide plant exposed 500,000 people to the deadly gas, leading to death or permanent disabilities.

In The Aftermath

Union Carbide was required to compensate affected families and pay a settlement of almost $470 million. The CEO of Union Carbide Corporation, Warren Anderson, faced public outrage, leading to his house arrest in India. However, the government eventually allowed him to return to his country without facing significant consequences, leaving innocent citizens to bear the brunt of the tragedy.

Shiv Rawail’s The Railway Men serves as a poignant portrayal of that chilling day. It is offering a glimpse into the chaotic and horrifying reality of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Through compelling actors and a storyline inspired by real events, the show provides an intimate look at the profound impact on those who lived through this devastating incident. All four episodes of The Railway Men are available for viewing on Netflix globally.

Bhopal Gas Leak: Consequences

Lapses in preventing the Bhopal gas leak persisted even after its identification, mirroring events portrayed in The Railway Men. Ingrid Eckerman’s 2004 book “The Bhopal Saga” reveals that local police contacted the Union Carbide plant multiple times upon reports of people fleeing their homes, but plant workers falsely assured them that the gas leak wasn’t from their facility.

Similar to the series, the District Magistrate received the same version of events from the manager. It wasn’t until 3:00 a.m. that Union Carbide officials confirmed the leak was plugged. The first deaths were reported, primarily affecting the local population. WION reports 3,800 deaths within the first days, while The Guardian estimates 574,000 people were affected. Even nearly four decades later, gas-exposed victims show a 28% higher mortality rate than average.


Ghulam Dastagir, the deputy station master at Bhopal junction portrayed by KK Menon in The Railway Men. He played a crucial role in mitigating the disaster’s impact. In reality, Dastagir, the deputy station master, witnessed the effects at 1:00 a.m. and facilitated the early departure of the Gorakhpur Express to minimize exposure. He alerted officials and stations to stop incoming trains, ensuring swift medical assistance. The series, inspired by real-life events, introduces fictional characters while staying true to the bravery of individuals in Bhopal.

Despite a case against Union Carbide Chairman Warren Anderson, he was never fully held responsible. Upon his arrival in India, he was briefly arrested and later released on bail. Anderson never appeared before an Indian court until his death in 2014, with the US government’s support noted in various reports. An out-of-court settlement led to a $470 million payout, and eight Indian Union Carbide officials received 2-year prison sentences.

While The Railway Men expresses victims’ frustration with under compensation, it predominantly focuses on the humanitarian spirit seen in individuals. The Netflix miniseries captures the true story behind the efforts of those who determined the fate of survivors of the infamous Bhopal gas tragedy.

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