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Is Till Murder Do Us Part a True Story ?

Netflix’s newest true crime documentary, Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom, is out now. The narrative looks at the horrific case of Jens Soering, who was found guilty of killing the parents of his fiancée.

Interviews with Soering, who was found guilty of the murder in 1985, as well as with case detectives and other true crime specialists, will be included in the docuseries. Look into the likelihood that Elizabeth Haysom was involved in more than she disclosed.

Soering and Haysom fled to England following a police chase following the horrifying incident that happened in Lynchburg, Virginia. What is the true narrative of the Netflix documentary, and what are the fates of Elizabeth Haysom and Jens Soering? 

Is Till Murder Do Us Part a True Story ?

The chilling 1985 double homicide of Nancy and Derek Haysom, as well as the subsequent prosecution of Elizabeth Haysom and her lover Jens Soering, are the subjects of the four-part documentary series “Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom.

The daughter of an affluent couple who were killed in Virginia in 1985, along with her boyfriend, were the main suspects. The new four-part documentary series on Netflix titled Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering Vs. Haysom examines the murders of Derek and Nancy Haysom as well as the events leading up to Elizabeth Haysom’s and Jens Soehring’s deception and double-dealing during the murder trial that followed.

Story of Till Murder Do Us Part

The son of a German ambassador, Jens Soering was a University of Virginia student who was romantically involved with Elizabeth Haysom. In 1985, a furious attack resulted in the discovery of Haysom’s parents, Derek and Nancy, dead in their Virginia home. After the crime, Soering and Hayom escaped to the UK and were later deported back to the United States to stand prosecution.

Soering admitted to the killings when being questioned by the police, but he has subsequently maintained his innocence. He was found guilty and given a life term in jail in 1990, while Haysom was found guilty of two counts of accessory after the fact to murder.

After serving 33 years in jail, Soering was granted release in November 2019 and repatriated to Germany, his native nation. Although he maintains that Haysom was the murderer, Governor Ralph Northam rejected his request for a pardon.

After serving 33 years in jail in the United States, Soering was interviewed upon his arrival in Frankfurt. He expressed his gratitude to both his American and German supporters.

Where is Jenes Soering Now ? 

Soering entered a not guilty plea and claimed that he had cooked up a confession in order to keep Haysom safe.

In 1990, he was found guilty on two charges of first-degree murder and given two consecutive life terms.After having his application for parole denied 14 times, Soering was finally granted release in 2019.

Where is Elizabeth Haysom Now ? 

Elizabeth Haysom admitted guilt in 1987 to two charges of accomplice to murder before the fact, and she was sentenced to ninety years in prison, of which thirty-two were served. In November 2019, she was granted parole with Soering, although they were not granted a pardon.

In 2020, Haysom was released from jail and placed under the protection of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. She was subsequently deported to her native Canada.

Review of Till Murder Do Us Part 

The four segments of the new documentary Till Murder Do Us Part describe how the murderer carried out the crime. They began by slitting Derek and Nancy’s necks and continuously assaulted them brutally with knives, nearly decapitating them.Whether Jens Soering or Elizabeth Haysom was the one who perpetrated the crime is investigated in the Netflix documentary. As the son of a German ambassador, Soering stated under questioning that he had taken the fall because he thought he was protected by diplomatic immunity and also to keep his fiancée safe.

Later on, he presented a different story in which he claimed to have just been an accomplice to the murder. At that time, Soering said that, in accordance with Till Murder Do Us Part, he was placed up in Washington, DC, while Elizabeth committed the killings.

Now a days, Netflix is coming up with new real life documentaries. If you are interested in such kind of crime and triller documentaries then this is a must watch one. 


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