Is Tyler Perry Gay?

Tyler Perry, the American actor, filmmaker, comedian, and playwright is known by all especially if you have seen The Haves and the Have Nots which is one of his most popular and successful works of all time on OWN. You might recognize him in a better way if you know about Madea, the character that he performed and stood out. Emmit Perry Jr popularly known as Tyler Perry was born on September 13. 1969 in the US. One of the most popular people in the film fraternity he has given the industry and the audience all over the world remarkable and unforgettable works to experience.

But his fame did not come without rumors, and misunderstandings which have put him under fire a lot of times. Being a person with a good reputation, he has not been left without any misconceptions especially, and those have gone to heights where he became a discussion more for them than his work. One of the latest furors has been his being gay. Do you think he is gay? Let us give you some clarity on this question.

Is Tyler Perry Gay?

Is Tyler Perry Gay?
Tyler Perry

The multi-talented celebrity and mogul has been under fire for several reasons and rumors and one of them recently has been related to his sexuality. Though it is a choice of what he is and wants to be, the discussion around him being gay is nowhere near stopping or pausing. So let us put some light on this issue. Many think that he is gay as he has not married yet and has had some rumors attached to him, however, his sexual orientation is whether he is gay or not has not been addressed but for the time being, it can be said that he is straight especially until he himself talks about it if there is something different.

He himself has never talked about it or confirmed it himself, not that he is supposed to do it or anyone is because it is one’s own choice. The discussion around this is what brought us here today to talk about it and clear the air. To summarise, it can be said that he is not gay and he himself has not announced it. So, questioning his gender is something that can be put aside, at least not until he himself announces something

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Tyler Perry’s Past Relationships

There are several reasons that have brought the artist into this, and one of those happens to be his relationship status according to people. He had been in a long relationship with the model, and filmmaker Gelila Bekele and also had a son together. But their long terms relationship did not stand the time anymore and they split up in 2020 which the fans came to know through his social media announcement.

The couple never married each other and now focus on being amazing parents to their son and raising him up in the best way possible. In the post of their split, he also mentioned that he is looking forward to what the future brings for him but nowhere was mentioned that he is gay or anything that can point that out.

Tyler Perry’s Beginning Of The Rumor

Is Tyler Perry Gay?
Tyler Perry

The first thing that sparked this whole fiasco was when Perry was linked or shipped with Tyler Lepley. Being a private person Perry never openly talked about his relationships or with whom he is spending time and when private life is not that public then professional life tends to become the reality and that is what happened with Perry as well.

He was being paired with Lepley in rather a romantic way. But Lepley never left a chance for misunderstanding and cleared the air by sharing that Perry is not gay and he knows him well. He even expressed his discontent with people linking him with Perry in the wrong way just because they were seen around and were being judged. To confirm more and clear everything one for and all Lepley made his relationship official when he appeared with his girlfriend Miracle Watts on the red carpet.

Tyler Perry’s Madea Performance Another Spark

Another reason that sparked this rumor was Tyler’s performance as Madea. And the simple reason was that he appeared as a drag and dressed as another gender which made people question his sexuality. Fans judged more because he looked and acted so convincingly, which led people to think that maybe he is not straight. This is actually quite funny because being an actor if he is able to perform so well, then he should be applauded and praised which he was but he is questioned on his sexuality and got the spotlight overshadowing all the praises and performances.

Tyler Perry Is An Ally

Tyler Perry has always expressed that he is an LGBTQ+ ally and he has proved it through his actions. One was when he asked 2016 Nathan Deal, Georgia Governor to reject a bill that was discriminating LGBTQ+ community. In 2019, he set up a shelter for LGBTQ+ and women youth at the complex of his studio in Atlanta. But all of these things have been many times taken in a way otherwise even though it’s his way of expressing his support or his wish to do what he is doing.

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