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Is Who were we running from Based on a True Story

Netflix’s latest book-to-television adaptation, “Who Were We Running From,” plunges viewers into a riveting tale of survival and intrigue. Is Who Were We Running From Based on a True Story? Based on the novel by Turkish author Perihan Magden, the series introduces audiences to the enigmatic Mother, portrayed by the talented Melisa Sozen, and her daughter, Bambi, played by the young Eylul Tumbar. In the heart-pounding trailer, we witness the duo navigating a perilous existence, constantly on the move as Mother fiercely shields Bambi from an unseen threat.

While “Who Were We Running From” draws inspiration from real-life events in Magden’s tumultuous journey, the story itself is a fictional exploration of resilience and the lengths a mother will go to protect her child. Magden’s personal experience of facing public scrutiny for her advocacy of a conscientious objector adds depth to the narrative, infusing it with a compelling authenticity that resonates with viewers.

Is Who Were We Running from Based on a True?

Perihan Magden’s novel, “Who Were We Running From,” serves as the basis for Netflix’s latest book-to-television adaptation. While not directly based on true events, the emotional resonance behind Magden’s experiences infuses the narrative with authenticity. Inspired by Magden’s ordeal of facing public backlash for supporting a conscientious objector, the series delves into the harrowing journey of a mother and daughter navigating an oppressive society. Magden herself expressed how her struggles influenced the story’s tone, highlighting themes of fear and the lengths a mother will go to shield her child.

In crafting the tale, Magden explores the concept of overprotectiveness, with the protagonist, Mother, fiercely guarding her daughter, Bambi, against an undefined threat. As the series unfolds, viewers are drawn into a world where uncertainty reigns, and the bonds of family are tested against the backdrop of societal turmoil.

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Perihan Magden’s National Spotlight in Turkey

Perihan Magden garnered national attention in Turkey due to her stance on mandatory military service, a contentious issue that put her and numerous other journalists and writers under scrutiny. In 2005, Magden penned an article advocating for conscientious objection as a fundamental human right, leading to her trial in 2006. Although acquitted, later on, the experience profoundly affected Magden, becoming the foundation for her novel and the subsequent Netflix adaptation, “Who Were We Running From.”

“I feared for my life at that time,” Magden recalled. “By mobbing your trial, they put marks on you. You become national news, and you become a national b****.” Despite the turmoil, Magden’s perspective on Turkey’s cyclical nature of tension and relaxation evolved. “Our relationship with Turkey is cyclonic,” she remarked. “In Turkey, things become tense, and then it relaxes. It looks as if it relaxes, but then a horrible thing happens again.”

“Who Were We Running From Overview

Directed by Umut Aral and Gökçen Usta, the Turkish Netflix original crime thriller features Melisa Sözen and Eylül Tumbar as a mother-daughter duo leading a life on the run. Constantly relocating from one hotel to another, they view everyone as a potential threat, with the mother harbouring a dark secret from her past that she’s determined to keep hidden. As the police close in on their trail, the question arises: how long can they evade capture?

Stellar Cast

Joining Sözen and Tumbar in the cast are Musa Uzunlar, Birand Tunca, Jessica Rookeward, Isik Naz Özedgü, Basak Dasman, Hakan Emre Unal, Devrim Kabacaoglu, Alper Çankaya, Meriç Rakala, and many others. During Netflix’s trend of adapting novels into television series, “Who Were We Running From?” adds to the growing list of captivating adaptations, promising viewers a thrilling ride filled with suspense and intrigue.

Mystery of “Who Were We Running From?”

From the onset, “Who Were We Running From?” plunges viewers into the lives of Bambi and her mother, who lead a fugitive existence due to the mother’s enigmatic past—a tale that unfolds gradually throughout seven gripping episodes.

Constantly on the move, the duo traverses from one hotel to the next, their guarded demeanour leaving no room for trust as they remain suspicious of virtually everyone they encounter. Refusing even the slightest intrusion, they barricade themselves within their room, adding to the air of mystery surrounding their circumstances.

The Final Escape: Bambi and Her Mother’s Last Stand

The end of “Who Were We Running From?” shows Bambi and her mom finding safety in a nice hotel. But things turn bad when Bambi is hurt by a doctor there. Her mom gets revenge, but then the hotel manager is found dead, making the police suspicious. Now, Bambi and her mom are on the run again, facing big trouble ahead.

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