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It’s A Sin Season 2 Release Date Updates

About It’s A Sin

It’s a sin for all the drama lovers and binge-watchers to miss out on one of the most top-notch creations by Russell T. Davies called ‘It’s A Sin’. Directed by Peter Hoarr and composed by Murray Gold, this is a British miniseries with a compact five-episode narrative about the youth of five gay men. The whole catch of the show is the way these men bond and explore life together from 1981-1991 just when HIV/AIDs, the newly discovered disease of those times, was spreading rapidly. The first episode of the show was originally broadcasted on the online platform called Channel 4 on 22 January 2021 in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was viewed live by 1.6 million viewers. HBO Original Max launched the first episode in the United States on 18 February 2021. The show was mostly shot in Manchester. ‘Metacritic’ rated the series 91/100 based on 26 reviews and the ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ stated a rating of 97% based on 75 reviews. The show had such a heavy influence that it was reported by The Terrence Higgins Trust charity that 8200 HIV testing kits sold out in a single day after the release of the show.

It’s A Sin Season 2 Release Date

It’s A Sin Season 2 Release Date
It’s A Sin

The massive hit had gained immense popularity all across the globe. The audience was anticipating a season 2 of the show but the show was made to be short and crisp to keep the narration of the plot impactful and exciting. It is a standalone series as it is still streamed by other viewers and catches the right attention while spreading awareness about HIV/AIDs. It was confirmed in an interview by the show-maker Russell T. Davies that the show will not be continued as he stated “It said everything I wanted to say.” On the other hand, this gives more reason for the show to be a highlight because it will be easy to fit into the fast and busy schedule of modern life. Let’s dig into some more interesting details of the show! 

It’s A Sin Season 1 Release Date 22 January 2021
It’s A Sin Season 1 End Date 19 February 2021
It’s A Sin Season 2 Release Date Cancelled

It’s A Sin Season 1 Story

It is often said that your vibe attracts your tribe and that is the opening approach of this show.  The showcase of the narrative is shown around the 1980s when the disease of HIV/AIDS also started setting in. ‘It’s a sin’ shows another form of a pandemic from the perspective of the queer community. It has shown a very smooth transition of emotions through the choices and actions of the characters. Teenagers from different places who are ready to embrace themselves and the versatility one’s life have to offer move to a new place seeking freedom, acceptance, and warmth. Ritchie dreams of being an actor belonging to a conservative and protective family. Roscoe portrayed the dark history of black gay men who were not allowed to embrace their original sexuality and strayed away from their families just to breathe as an individual. Colin was harassed by his boss at his workplace of the menswear shop in London but was saved by his mentor named ‘Henry’. These main characters eventually became friends with the fourth main character named ‘Jill’ who became friends with Richie first in his institute. They all lodged at the same scruffy but covered in several colors apartment in London. They named it ‘The Pink Palace’. The episodes skip a few years to move fast. It shows Jill tried to act as a shield for her friends against the disease that was said to spread among gay men. Jill’s love for her friends was reflected in her serious investigation and attempts of protecting her friends.

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The on-set of the gruesome reality with death, hopelessness, and fear was inevitable but Davies managed to make little pockets of happiness even amongst the desperate trials of survival in the rush of the pandemic. The show also threw light on the thorns of the homophobic attitude that cut deep into the victims of AIDs. Although the show thrives on very serious and concerning issues, it was well together with heart-warming emotions and moments of laughter.

It’s A Sin Season 1 Cast

It’s A Sin Season 2 Release Date
It’s A Sin

The portrayal of the characters and the visual journey of their personal lives was a credible task that was incredibly pulled off by the cast members. The cast of the show are Olly Alexander,  a music artist as Ritchie Tozer, Omari Douglas was cast as Roscoe Babatunde, Callum Scott Howells as  Colin Morris-Jones, Lydia West as Jill Baxter and Neil Patrick Harrison as Henry Coltrane David Carlyle plays Gregory Finch, an interesting and quirky bus conductor.

It’s A Sin Season 2 Trailer

The show was unfortunately created for only one season so there is no trailer but the one season itself is worth re-runs. You can head over is available on Channel4 and prime video to watch the show. We are waiting to know your thoughts on the show in the comment section! Stay tuned for more updates on exciting shows and movies.

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