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Jinn Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Story Are Here

Jinn had hoped for a more successful debut as Netflix’s first Arabic-language original series. However, some of the stories have caused debate in Jordan, where the series is being shot. Is Jinn returning for the second season of the show? Let us investigate this.

Kabreet Productions’ “Jinn” is a Netflix Original Arabic supernatural teen drama. It was shot in Jordan and included scenes from the ruins of Petra, the country’s oldest city. The sitcom has been dogged by controversy since its inception, which may lead to its demise.

When two unusual Jinns are released into the human world on a school field trip, Petra’s old city is altered. Despite their opposing characteristics, both are enormously powerful. Students and the Good Jinn must work together to defend the world from the Evil Jinn’s vengeance.

Jinn Season 2 Release Date

Jinn Season 2 Release Date
Jinn Season 2

If Netflix and the Jordanian Royal Film Commission cannot reach an agreement, it seems unlikely that another season would be released anytime soon.

If Jinn is revived, it will most likely premiere on 09 June 2022. This is due to the fact that filming would most likely take place during the same time period as the last film. Filming began in August of this year. The show’s creators plan to begin production on the second season later this year.

Jinn Season 2 Status On Netflix

The status is pending as of 18 December 2021. The current status of Netflix’s renewal has been made public.

As of the recent controversy surrounding the Jordanian people’s reaction to Jinn’s airing, we’re unlikely to hear about a renewal for quite some time. Since its debut, the show has been dogged by controversy, owing to two scenes in the series that many Jordanians have regarded “immoral.” The scenario revolves around Mira’s character (played by Salma Malhas).

Mira had sex with two different men in two different settings. Despite the fact that the character’s actions appear to most viewers to be innocuous, they have aroused debate. Kissing two boys on video in Jordan is considered a violation of the country’s strict social norms.

They say they had no involvement in the censorship of the film by the Jordan Media Commission and the Royal Film Commission. As a result of the online bullying directed at the Jinn actors and crew, Netflix Middle East was forced to issue a denunciation statement.

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Will There Be The Jinn Season 2?

Jinn Season 2 Release Date
Jinn Season 2

We do not expect Netflix to renew this series unless an agreement is reached with the Jordan Royal Film Commission. We don’t know if Netflix will renew Jinn for a second season because the conservative ideals could be perceived as bigoted due to only two kisses on film. If Netflix has projects in the Middle East, it may have an impact on filming.

The film commission’s stance on the issue has been reported to be unequivocal.

Jordan’s conservatives were understandably incensed by the series, but how did the rest of the world react? Outside of Jordan, it’s fair to assume that subscribers were overjoyed.

Jinn Season 2 Cast

New characters are expected to appear in the show’s second season. Salma Malhas will reprise her role as Mira in Alkhail (Yassin). Yasser Al Hadi, Zaid Zoubi, Ban Halaweh, and Hamzeh Okab will play Hassan, Ban Halaweh (Layla), and Keras, in addition to Vera and Fahed.

Jinn Season 1 Story

During a field trip to Petra, high school is transformed into a war between two jinns, one good and one bad.

Jinn Season 2 Trailer

The official video will be made available online ahead of the release date.

Season 2 will include five Netflix-only episodes. It will be released on 09 June 2022.

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