Jodie Sweetin Net Worth: How Much The Actress Earns?

Jodie is an American actress who became a popular name for her character of Stephanie in the 1987 released ABC show ‘Full House’. The show is an all-time favorite of many people. It is one of the most successful sitcoms. Jodie was around 5 years old when the show came out. While very young, her acting was as professional as it can be. Currently, Jodie is 40 years old and many can imagine how long ago the show came out. She is a part of the sequel of the show called ‘Fuller House’ on Netflix. The show ran for 8 years straight during which Jodie also attended school. 

Besides her most famous role as ‘Stephanie Tanner’, she also has many other roles. One is before Full house, where she appeared as a guest role of ‘Pamela’ in a show called ‘Valerie’. After ‘Full House’, she had a role in a TV show titled ‘Small bits of happiness’ which was a dark comedy about suicide prevention, and the show centered around a suicide prevention specialist. The show won an award in the 3rd ‘Annual Independent Television Festival’ for the Best Comedy category. During 2009-10, Jodie focused a bit on Independent movies. She had a role in 2 indie movies, ‘Port City’ and ‘Redefining Love’. Later she appeared on an internet show called ‘Can’t Get Arrested’ for its 5 episodes. And a year later, she got a role in the movie ‘singled out, where she played a character called ‘Leia’. Apart from movies and series, she has also done some other works such as hosting a dancing show. Moreover recently, she competed in a show called ‘Beyond the edge’ and another show ‘Food Network’s worst cook in America’.

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth
Jodie Sweetin

With movies and shows that she has done, she is currently doing, she also has her podcast (Never Thought I’d Say This) and has also done several commercials. From all of these, her net worth is estimated to be 2 million dollars.

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Jodie  Sweetin Early Life

Born on 19 January 1982, in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, her parents were in prison at the time of her birth, therefore she was adopted by her Uncle and his wife when Jodie was 9 months old. Her uncle and his wife raised her as their daughter. It is said that her biological father had some native American blood. When she was three years old she used to study ballet and tap dancing. Before coming out to the public with her adoption story, she shared that she kept it quiet since many would speculate that she was forced into acting as a child by her new parents. This is not new in adoption cases. People generally think that way since the parents are not biologically related therefore they treat the child not as lovingly as they would if the child were biologically theirs. But it’s not the case for Sweetin. She was doing her studies while shooting ‘Full House’. She graduated in 1999 which was four after ‘Full House’. Continuing her studies after graduation, she attended Chapman University in California.

Jodie Sweetin Personal Life

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth
Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin‘s first marriage was to a police officer of the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), Shaun Holguin in 2002. The marriage lasted for nearly 4 years after which they divorced. The next year after the divorce, Jodie met a guy through her friends called Cody Herpin, he was a film transportation coordinator. They married the same year and had a daughter named Zoie the next year.

The marriage did not last long as the same year Zoie was born, Jodie filed for a divorce or a legal separation from her husband. They got officially divorced the next year in 2010. This was Sweetin’s second marriage. Sweetin became a drug addict and while recovering she met a guy named ‘Justin Hodak’ and in 2016, Jodie announced her engagement with Hodak. However, this relationship was not long-lived, since it seems there was a restraining order on Hodak against Jodie which Hodak violated. This gives us a glimpse of how their relationship was and how problematic the guy was. Jodie decided to separate in 2017. After that some weeks later, Hodak was sentenced to prison on a related charge. The most recent relationship of Jodie is with Mescal Wasilewski with whom she is engaged as of 2022.

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