Joshi Kausei Season 2 Release Date: Will the Anime get Renewed!

Joshi Kausei Season 2 is one of the popular anime in recent years that have been released. It has been two years since the last season of the show was released and the fans are becoming a little impatient and desperate about a second season. Joshi Kousei was a very unique show which also had some flaws in the first season. This resulted in divided viewers who clashed on whether the show was a hit or miss.

The storyline for the show came from the manga by the name Ken Wakai. Ken Wakai was a silent manga that also resulted in an anime series that did not have any dialogues to offer to viewers. As a result, the show was highly dependent on the sounds. The anime made its debut in the year 2019 and ended after a 12 episode long first season. So here are all the details that we have about the second season of the show. Here We will discuss the series Joshi Kausei Season 2.

Joshi Kausei Season 2 Release Date

Joshi Kausei as said earlier, was a show that became popular but got mixed reviews from the viewers of the show. The show also did not receive very high ratings from their audience as well as the critics. The show received a rating of 5.76 on the popular site MAL. This explains a lot of things as to why there might be a delay in the making of a second season.

The studio did not receive the profit it required to release one season after another. Moreover, there was not enough source material for the makers and the production studio to start a second season of the show. But as time has passed, new volumes of the show have come which might be seen as good news by the fans of the show. Now the studio has enough source material at least.

Also, the manga is still running which tells that fans are still engaged in the storyline and they might give the anime another shot. Thus, now all depends that whether the demand rises to the point where it catches the attention of the producers that they make another season of Joshi Kausei.

Thus, we can say that as of now nothing is there for the fans but maybe in the future, they can see their favorite show returning.

Also currently, Studio Seven holds the command over the show but it remains to be seen whether it will do that again for the second season of the show or not. If the show has to be released by 2022, the announcement has to come fast considering the amount of time that will go into animating and other things.

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Joshi Kausei season 2 Story

Not many anime have been successful in keeping the audience engaged when there are no dialogues and just pictures in the anime. Joshi Kausei has done a fairly good job in that aspect. Studio Seven took a difficult job producing such an anime with such a unique plot on the table. The main reason for this can be the animation which was decent and also the gimmicks that were used were very good. However, the story of the anime was a little slow and it felt like the story was being dragged out. Also, a lot of filler was present which just made it more irritating to watch the show.

This is one of the reasons why the show received criticism and some viewers were turned off due to this. However, there were some positives to take out from the first season as well. The show offered a great sense of humor which was liked by many including the critics of the show.

Taking all these aspects, it is fair to say that the show was good or decent but there was nothing special or memorable to offer by the show. Also, the character developments are not very good. It becomes slow to watch and some characters who had a lot of potentials were just left stagnant. So the show can be watched if you can tolerate some fillers and a slow storyline.

Joshi Kausei Season 2 Trailer

As of now, there is no news of the second season of Joshi Kausei. The Producers and makers have not announced or said anything about a renewal. Thus as of now no trailer or clip is available for the fans to watch. Till then, the fans can watch the first season again or read the manga.

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