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Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release Date: Renewal Updates!

Juuni Taisen is a Japanese anime television series based on the manga written by Nisio Isin. The anime adaptation of the show is directed by Naoto Hosoda and written by Sadayuki Murai.

There is a reason for the massive demand for the show. The show has performed really amazing and left the fans on a cliffhanger and this is the reason fans are so excited to watch the second season of the show. It has also received amazing ratings on various platforms which also implies the performance of the show.

Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release Date

It has been almost 4 years since the show first hit on the big screen. Since then, fans are wondering to know everything about season 2 of the show. If you are one of them, you clicked on the right article. All you have to do is to read this article till the end and you will know everything related to it. As of now, there is no information from the makers about season 2 of the show. There is no information about season 2 of the Junni Taisen.

However, fans have still a glimpse of hope as the last set of the light novel is released recently. That would provide enough source material that would be needed for the second season. Still, there is no release date for the show. We will update you once the second season is announced officially.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Juuni Taisen Season 1 Release Date3 October 2017
Juuni Taisen Season 1 End Date19 December 2017
Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release Date

Juuni Taisen Season 2 Story

Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release Date
Juuni Taisen

As the title of the show already suggest, the show revolves around warriors. It is set in a city where approximately half a million people live. Some unknown event occurred in the city due to which the population of the city has been removed. The situation has to be dealt as soon as possible and for this, 12 mercenary officers agree to deal with it. They are also known as the deadliest.

As of now, we won’t give you any spoilers. To know what happens next, you would have to watch the show. The episodes of the first season had really done really great and if the second season of the show is made, we hope it would achieve similar kind of success.

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Juuni Taisen Season 2 Characters

The characters of the show include Tsugiyoshi Sumino who is a sleepy teenager. He is also known as Rat. The other characters are Eiji Kashii who is also known as Ox. He is a horned man with a black long hair who is also regarded as “Genius of Slaughter”. Kanae Aira, who is also knows as Tiger, is a young woman with slightly orange-coloured hairs. She is also a master of marital arts who eventually turned into a soldier. Rabbit is a young man who used to fight with two knives.

The other characters include Nagayuki Tsumita, Yoshimi Sōma, Takeyasu Tsumita, Misaki Yūki, Sumihiko Tsujiie, Ryōka Niwa, Toshiko Inō, Michio Tsukui, Duedeculpe and many more. As the show progresses, there is a character development for each and every character which wants audience to watch this show.

Juuni Taisen Season 2 Trailer

Since the second season of the show is not officially confirmed, there is no trailer for the same. However, you can watch the trailer of the first season if you want to take a look at it. Just click on the link which is given above the article and the trailer of the first season of Junni Taisen will be played. It beautifully offers the audience an insight of the show. It has been praised by many people.

Where to Watch Juuni Taisen Season 2?

Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release Date
Juuni Taisen

In case you liked the trailer and the plot of the show and are interested in watching the show but doesn’t have any idea where to watch, don’t worry because as always, we have got you covered. The show is available on Crunchyroll. You can watch it there for free.

Let’s us know what did you think of this show in the comment box. We will be glad to read your opinions on the show. It’s time for us to say goodbye to all those who are reading this. We will meet you very soon with another piece of article on other show.

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