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Kagurabachi Chapter 27 Release Date: Details Here!

Kagurabachi is a manga series from Japan, authored and drawn by Takeru Hokazono. Since September 2023, Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine has serialized it. Chihiro Rokuhira, a well-known blacksmith who fashioned six charmed swords for his dad before he was slain, uses a seventh enchanted blade that his father forged before he was killed to exact a brutal retribution on a group of sorcerers.

Till Now 26 Chapters of this manga series have been released and the good news is that 27 Chapters is just around the corner. Fans are excited to know about Chapter 27. To know more read the complete article. 

Kagurabachi Chapter 27 Release Date 

The upcoming release of Kagurabachi Chapter 27 has the fans thrilled. At the moment, the story follows Chihiro in the Enchanted Blade and Sorcery arc. A promising swordsman, he spends his days studying the craft of his illustrious father, Kunishige. One day, a group of evil magicians known as the Hishaku appear, murder Kunishige, seize his enchanted swords and leave Chihiro to suffer in silence.

April 1, 2024, at midnight JST will see the publication of Kagurabachi Chapter 27. The different time zones where Chapter 27 will be released are as follows-

  1. Japanese Standard Time- April 1, 2024 (noon.)
  2. Indian Standard Time- March 31, 2024 (8:30 P.M.) 
  3. Philippines Standard Time- 31 March, 2024 (11:00 P.M.)
  4. Greenwich Mean Time- March 31, 2024 (3:00 P.M.)
  5. Australian Standard Time- April 1, 2024 (1:00 A.M.)
  6. Central European Time- March 31, 2024 (5:00 P.M.)
  7. Korean Standard Time- April 1, 2024 (midnight.)

Story of Kagurabachi Chapter 27

The plot arc of our tale currently centres on Chihiro in the Sorcery and Enchanted Blade. He is a youthful swordsmith who trains under his well-known father, Kunishige, during the day. Chihiro is left to live in misery when a group of wicked sorcerers known as the Hishaku show up one day, kill Kunishige, and take his magical swords. With more maturity and experience, Chihiro links up with Shiba, a former friend of his father, to get revenge on the Hishaku. 

Recap of Kagurabachi Chapter 26

In Kagurabachi Chapter 26, Hiyuki and Tafuku go out to supper. Chihiro’s Enchanted Blade (Enten) will be up for sale at the Rakuzaichi event, Tafuku informs Hiyuki. Hiyuki is interested in learning Chihiro’s game plan. The action shifts to Chihiro and the other people inside a vehicle. He plans to undertake reconnaissance close to the vault. Chihiro shares his theories about storage with his buddies.

Something told him Hakuri might be able to stop it. Shiba believes that Kyora’s lair could be real. It feels to him that Kyoya and his goons are using it as a place to store things. Chihiro feels that they should adhere to his reconnaissance plan to better comprehend Kyora’s storeroom. With Chihiro, Hinao makes a query. To Shiba, it’s more of an incidental trait than a necessary one.

Chihiro disclosed to Shiba that he had decided to exchange Enten for Hakuri. Shiba knows Hakuri would feel bad about what occurred, so she asks him if he wants ice cream. Char asks nicely for some, yet Hakurai declines. Hakuri extends an apology to Chihiro. While Enten converses with Hakuri in the storeroom, we notice Chihiro’s goldfish circling about him.

Hakuri is reassured by Chihiro that Enten will ultimately remain his weapon. Chihiro tells Hakuri that his information is essential to his teammates’ victory. Chihiro glances over to Shiba while on surveillance. I’ll find a way into the warehouse, he swears. Surveying the storehouse, Chihiro notices Kyora nearby. Chihiro moves his goldfish to a different location when Kyora travels somewhere else.

Characters of Kagurabachi

The characters of Kagurabachi are as follows-

  1. Chihiro Rokuhira
  2. Kunishige Rokuhira
  3. Hakuri Sazanami
  4. Shiba 
  5. Hinao 
  6. Ikuta Hagiwara 
  7. Kazane Machi 

Where to Read Kagurabachi?

Kagurabachi will be available to read on Viz, ReadKaguraBachiManga, and several other platforms. 


Where to Read Kagurabachi?

Kagurabachi will be available to read on Viz, ReadKaguraBachiManga, and several other platforms. 

Is this manga worth reading? 

Yes, this manga is worth reading. 

What is the release date for Chapter 27 ?

Chapter 27 is expected to release on 1 April, 2024. 

How many chapters have been released so far? 

So far only 26 Chapters have been released.

Who is the genre of Kagurabachi? 

It is a Shounen genre series based on sword-fighting. 


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