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Kagurabachi Season 2 Release Date: What Is The Future Of Kagura Bachi Anime Series!

In 2023, people hailed Kagurabachi as one of the greatest manga ever. The excitement peaked when the creators announced an anime adaptation of Kagurabachi with a teaser. Fans are wondering if there will be a second season of Kagurbachi. There are many speculations about the Kagurabachi season 2 release date.

Kagurabachi is a Japanese action manga series that will soon turn into an anime series. Takeru Hokazono is the writer of the action manga series. The manga series serialized on September 2023 on Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. 

Fans are excited to see their favorite manga series on the live screen. Here is everything you should know about Kagurabachi season 2.

Kagurabachi Season 2 Release Date:

Kagurabachi Season 2 Release Date

The new king of Shonen Jump, Kagurabachi, is all set to return as anime series. Kagurabachi became one of the most successful manga series even before the release of its first chapter. Since the immense success of the manga series, the creators decided to adapt the series as an anime.

Recently, the creators released a 40-second trailer of the series, stirring excitement among the fans, but there has been no official release date for season 1. So, it is too early to say anything about Kagurabachi season 2. 

The Kagurabachi manga series has only one volume out yet, and the first season will cover the story of the first volume. Considering the popularity, Takeru will be working on more volumes, which will help with more seasons of Kagurabachi. 

Many fans believe Kagurabachi will beat the top three manga series, One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. There is no official confirmation about Kagurabachi season 2, but we are sure the story will continue. 


Kagurabachi Season 1 Recap:

Kagurabachi season 1 is not out yet. So, we don’t know the plot line of Kagurabachi season 1. You can consider reading the manga volumes to get an idea about Kagurabachi season 1.

Kagurabachi season 1 will begin with Chihiro Rokuhira. He is the son of a blacksmith who forged six enchanted swords. Chihiro makes swords under his father’s guidance. 

Chihiro dreams of becoming a master swordsman, just like his father. His peaceful life turns upside down when a group of sorcerers comes to his house looking for six enchanted swords Kunishige forged during a war. He hid the sword to avoid the misuse of them. 

The group of sorcerers is known as Hishaku. They brutally injure Chihiro and kill Kunishige before stealing the swords. When Chihiro comes to his senses, he vows to Shiba that he will kill all the sorcerers and retrieve the enchanted sword to continue his father’s legacy. 

Kagurabachi Season 2 Plot:

Kagurabachi season 2 will continue the plot of season 1. Chihiro Rokuhira will continue to seek revenge from the sorcerers with the seventh enchanted sword. 

Kagurabachi Season 2 Cast And Characters:

The first is not out yet, and we only have a forty-second trailer. There has been no official information about the voice artists and the characters of Kagurabachi. The characters you can witness in Kagurabachi are as follows:

  • Kunishige Rokuhira 
  • Chihiro Rokushira
  • Shiba
  • Hinao
  • Char Kyonagi
  • Azami
  • Ikuto Hagiwara
  • Genichi Sojo
  • Norisaku Madoka

These are some of the characters of Kagurabachi. 

Kagurabachi Season 2 Episodes:

Considering all the anime series, we can expect 12 to 20 episodes with a run time of 25 to 30 minutes. There might be more episodes, but we cannot confirm that because of the lack of information.  

Kagurabachi Trailer:

The official teaser of Kagurbachi shows glimpses of Chihiro saying that he hates humans and slashes people with his seventh enchanted sword to avenge his father with his group. 

Where To Watch Kagurabachi:

Mostly, you will be able to stream the first season of Kagurbachi on Crunchyroll. You can read the English version of Kagurbachi on Viz Media and Manga Plus. Avoid illegal ways to stream the action fantasy anime series. Stay updated for more information about animes, movies, series, and more. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the release date of Kagurbachi season 2?

There is no official confirmation about Kagurabachi season 2, but we are sure the story will continue. 

2. Where can I watch Kagurbachi?

Mostly, you will be able to stream the first season of Kagurbachi on Crunchyroll.

3. What is Kagurbachi about?

Kagurbachi revolves around Chihiro, who seeks revenge on sorcerers who assassinated his father with the help of a seventh enchanted sword.

4. What is the theme of Kagurbachi?

Kagurbachi is a fantasy-action manga series.

5. Who is the writer of Kagurbachi?

Takeru Hokazono is the writer of Kagurbachi. 

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