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Kamisama Kiss Season 3 Release Date And Spoilers!

Season 3 of Kamisama Kiss is now available! Kamisama Kiss’s third season will premiere on October 6th. The film’s release date was announced in 2013, and fans have been anticipating it ever since. Just wait and see how much has changed and grown in the last two years, and you will not be disappointed. With the new season on the horizon, you and your friends and family will be able to watch it together. If you’re feeling brave, you can binge-watch all 12 episodes at once. When you’ve finished, come back here and tell us what you thought of them!

Kamisama Kiss Season 3 Release Date

Kamisama Kiss Season 3 Release Date
kamisama kiss season 3

For starters, it aired in October of that year. The second season premiered in Japan on January 6, 2015, and ran until March 31, 2015. Despite the passage of six years, no announcement of a third season of the show has been made. It’s important for anime fans to remember that shows have been renewed numerous times over the years, so there’s still hope for them.

To counteract this, between August 20th, 2015 and August 19th, 2016, the franchise released four original video animations. Season 3’s release date has not been announced or hinted at by either the production company or the network.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Kamisama Kiss Season 1 Release Date1 October 2012
Kamisama Kiss Season 2 Release Date5 January 2015
Kamisama Kiss Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Kamisama Kiss Season 3 Release Date

Kamisama Kiss Season 3 Story

We learn more about Nanami, a young girl whose life is complicated by her gambling-obsessed father as the story progresses. Nanami and her father were evicted from their home one day after her father lost all of his money gambling and failed to pay the rent. Debt collectors eventually track her down and go after her. Nanami flees, having no idea how to save herself, and ends up on the streets. In one case, she comes across a man being pursued by a dog and decides to assist him. Later in the show, Nanami learns that the man’s name is Mikage and that he is a local Earth deity. Nanami is forced to juggle her celestial and mundane lives as a result of the man’s revelations about her past.

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The entire Kamisama Kiss storyline was covered in Season 2 and the four OVAs. Nanami and the now-human Tomoe marry and spend the rest of their lives together after Nanami saves his life.

Nanami and Tomoe will return to Mikage Shrine in Season 3, but we don’t know how long they will stay. The second time they came, however, they brought their newborn son with them. Season 3 may provide insight into the couple’s marital and family lives. Nanami confesses her feelings for Tomoe, and when he hears her, he realizes he is in love with her as well and expresses his feelings for her.

Kamisama Kiss Season 3 Cast

Kamisama Kiss Season 3 Release Date
kamisama kiss season 3

Ensemble Kamisama Kiss has a large cast of characters, as is typical of most anime series. All we’ll be discussing here are the show’s main characters. Continue reading to learn more about them. Her life is turned upside down when she saves a man from a dog while living on the streets. Mikage, the man she saved, turns out to be a local Earth deity who has bestowed all of his powers on Nanami, as she discovers later in the story.

Nanami Momozono’s role as a main character in the show is her responsibility. She had a difficult childhood and faced numerous challenges as a result of her father’s gambling addiction. Tomoe is a Fox yokai and a familiar of Mikage, Mikage’s former Earth deity. When he discovers later in the show that Mikage has given Nanami all of his powers, he is understandably enraged and rude to her. Tomoe, one of the series’ most powerful characters, has the ability to disable all of the characters’ other familiars.

Where To Watch Kamisama Kiss Season 3?

As a result of the anime’s enormous popularity during its run, it is now available on a number of OTT platforms. As a result, anime fans all over the world can now watch it on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Videos. The episodes are also available in English dubs on these streaming services. While fans wait for the new season, they can watch all previous episodes of Kamisama Kiss Season 3 on these platforms.

In relation to the Kamisama Kiss: Julietta Suzuki wrote and illustrated the Japanese manga series, Kamisama Kiss. An anime adaptation of the manga was released in 2012.

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