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Kath and Kim Season 7 Release Date: Announced?

There is usually a massive difference in the way various countries prepare their products. When they start their preparation many factors come into account that later plays a major role in marking an identity of theirs. This is mostly visible through shows and movies released by countries of different origins. These trademarks often not only create a new trend but also allows others to see the world from a different perspective. The major example of these approaches is observable in Hollywood, British, South Korean, Australian, Spanish, and Bollywood industries. Kath and Kim is a replicate of the mentioned attributes based on all contexts. The Australian television series is a comedy show which is quite different from other shows.

While it may feel cliché for most people the texture the series had been presented proves it special. Kath and Kim are one of the oldest sitcoms and were released in May 2002. It was as a result of the combined efforts of Gina Riley and Jane Turner that such a fascinating series was born. The preexisting conditions were not in favor of a new series by that time. However, Ted Emery was the name behind the reason why people were more intrigued after all. Furthermore, this was the first project to be launched after they created a new production house named Riley Turner Productions. Even though the show came to an end unexpectedly by 2007, Nine Network became the third channel to telecast the series and the first to re-telecast after a decade. 

Kath and Kim Season 7 Release Date

Kath and Kim Season 7 Release Date
Kath and Kim Season 7

Among all the reports out there, the truth is that Kath and Kim are not interested in coming up with yet another season. This even though has a base is subjected to change after a while. However, until this time the popular series still lies dormant and haven’t been renewed so far. There is also a big debate going out there regarding the status of the series. While some believe that the franchise had released just four seasons, others state that six seasons had been in action so far. The reality is that as an official status, it is considered six seasons had been released including the two films.

At the same time only the first four seasons are part of the official series and the rest of the movies are just a part of the entire franchise. Thirty-two episodes are present in the first four seasons which have a duration of twenty-five minutes. In addition, the audience who are keen on the return of Kath and Kim must also consider their age. Based on all these aspects a possibility for the seventh season, that too after a twenty-year gap should be considered to be scarce.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Kath and Kim Season 1 Release Date16 May 2002
Kath and Kim Season 7 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Kath and Kim Season 7 Release Date

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Kath and Kim Season 7 Story

The series presents a bunch of characters who are both Kath and Kim. Their family and relationships with each other are the main focus throughout the series. Being an Australian series, it is the cultural and traditional aspects of their life that are mentioned with priority. Moreover, all the vents happening around them let it be a disaster or achievement are portrayed humorously.   

Kath and Kim Cast

Kath and Kim Season 7 Release Date
Kath and Kim Season 7

Jane Turner: Kath

Jane played the character of Kath Day-Knight in the series Kath and Kim. The sixty-one-year-old is an Australian actress who works as a writer. Most of her contributions are in the field of comedy television shows. In addition, Jane Turner contributed to the Hollywood film industry as well.

Gina Riley: Kim

Despite being a singer the actress is a popular writer as well as a film developer. Kath and Kim were her best projects even though she had worked on several other projects.    

Kath and Kim Season 7 Trailer

The series was presented to the audience in an old-fashioned way. That means trailers were not used by the production team back then. However, for the movies released by the franchise, trailers were released. Currently, no one had renewed the series for another season and as a consequence, the trailer for the seventh season has not been released so far. 

Where to Watch Kath and Kim Season 7?

To start with, the comedy series premiered in May 2022 and was primarily released through ABC TV. However, after the first three seasons, it was the Seven Networks who showed that interest to telecast the show. Despite getting the boost they wanted to take the show forward, the series was terminated by 2007. On the flip side, the old episodes of the series are telecasted in the present time. In addition, Netflix had signed a deal placing a big that they never wanted to neglect. Currently, all the six seasons including the first four seasons and the last two movies are streamed on Netflix which can be accessed by all the subscribers.  

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