Kathryn Dennis Net Worth and Early Life

Kathryn Dennis’s well-known model has been making headlines recently and has been on the headlines for various reasons. But then apart from the headlines do you think you really know her well? If you want to know her then you are in the right place because this article is filled with information about her, so keep reading.

Kathryn Dennis’s original name is Kathryn Calhoun Dennis a socialite turned model who was born on August 6, 1991. She was born in Southern Carolina in the US. She is a socialite for obvious reasons as she is from a family with political history her grandfather Rembert Dennis was a senator for 50 years and she happens to be a descendant of the seventh Vice President of the US John C Calhoun. Her career started as a model and then earned a lot of fame when she appeared in Southern Charm. Kathryn was born to her loving parents Allison Dennis and Luke Dennis. She grew up in a family who have a strong political hold and connections which was one of the reasons for her fame apart from her modeling and TV career. She starred in Southern Charm a reality TV show by Bravo which turned out to be one of the biggest reasons for her fame and spotlight. She has been quite in the headlines for her relationships and recently for house eviction. She is always seen flaunting her style on her social media giving her fans a glimpse of her new collections and style and her getaways. She also keeps them updated about their kids with whom she is rumored to be staying currently.

She is a woman who grew up in luxuries with a lot to learn about politics which has been running for generations in her family. But then there is a lot more to unveil about her that is still unknown. So just keep reading to know more about her.

Kathryn Dennis Net Worth

Kathryn Dennis Net Worth
Kathryn Dennis

As per the current updates and report the reality star Kathryn Dennis has a net worth of $600,000. She has reached such net worth with the help of her modeling and TV career. Her net worth has dropped considerably as compared to her last year’s worth which was $800,000. When she was starring in Southern Charm, she used to earn $25,000 per episode. She owned a home in Mount Pleasant that cost around $342,500 which she sold in 2021. She after selling her home moved to a high-rise apartment block in Charleston. As a TV host, she would charge $20.17 per hour. Apart from her show, she is also quite famous on social media where she keeps her fans quite updated with her pictures and stories.

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Kathryn Dennis Early Life

Kathryn Dennis graduated with a Political Science and Women’s Studies degree from the University of South California. As per reports she loved attending parties. She was quite inspired by her family members as they were serving the state and decided to work for the same. She, therefore, worked as an intern and page in South Carolina Senate and the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. All this was followed by her modeling career which she happened to nail followed by her TV appearance in the reality TV show Southern Charm where she gained a lot of attention for her love life and the stories that she shared openly. It was loved by all the viewers as she openly talked about her lifestyle, relationships that started on the show, and her story of getting sober for her kids.

Kathryn Dennis Personal life

Kathryn Dennis Net Worth
Kathryn Dennis

Dennis’s personal life includes her two kids, a boy and a girl that she shares with his ex Thomas Ravenel. She stays with her kids. The relationship was very much public as it happened to be revealed on the show. Their relationship was not always stable and had ups and downs throughout. The couple gave birth to their first child in 2014 followed by the second child in the following year. The couple’s short-lived relationship came to an end in 2016. Kathryn also had a problem with substance abuse and she shared her story of the battle with the issue on Southern Charms. Once sober she was granted half custody of her children. Her dating life was not a secret at all and she was quite open about it. She went to meet a lot of people and was in relationships with many including Chleb Ravenell. She was in the headlines because of rumors of dating her co-stars of Southern Charm Shep Rose, Whitney Sudler-Smith, Joseph Abruzzo, and Hunter Price which were never confirmed

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