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Keeping Faith Season 4 Release Date Updates Here

Keeping Faith Season 1 Trailer

The British TV series, produced by famed screen author, made its debut in 2017. Yeah, the show has been rocking all the way for 4 long years. 

If you like web series then this definitely deserves a watch. And most importantly if you are a fan of the mystery-thriller genre then, this series is definitely for you. If you have already watched the show then good for you because I am positive you did love it. And if not, then what are you waiting for don’t miss this amazing series. 

The series has made its way up till 3 and fans are curious about a fourth. I bet you’re one of them!!! The series is quite a popular one with a 7.1 IMDb ranking, 100% vote on Rotten Tomatoes. And with Audience upvotes of 4.4/5, the show seriously hit the buzzer. 

If you’re not familiar with the show, then worry not. Now that I am here, I will tell you about it in short. With a total number of 20 episodes, the runtime of each is 1 hr. Also known by the name of Un Bore Mercher or (One Wednesday Morning) the story highlights the life of a Welsh lawyer, Faith. 

Coming from a small-town Faith is forced to cut her maternity leave when her husband aka also his business partner goes MIA. As the truth of who he actually is, is learned by her she must face the consequences with a brave face. Will Faith be able to protect her family and most importantly her sanity? Watch this thriller now available online. 

Now that I have heated the atmosphere you must be wondering about the seasonal renewal. I betcha you are. Well then let’s move on to that. 

Keeping Faith Season 4 Release Date

I am sorry to inform you guys that the news will leave you disheartened. BBC has announced that with the 3rd season the drama wrapped up the show. So, there will be no more of Keeping Faith. Season 4 has not been canceled; tbh, it was never under the plan of production. Matthew Hall in the BBC’s news press announced in the final installation of the 3rd season that this will be the last season of the show. There would be no fourth. 

Sorry guys to let you down by the 3rd is the last and final of the show, so keeping up your faith or hope is of no use. 

Now that there is no news of the season coming back, discussing the seasonal expected plot is of no use. I will go further and discuss the previous seasons. In short, I will give a brief for those who haven’t watched the series yet. 

Keeping Faith Season 1 Release Date5 November 2017
Keeping Faith Season 1 End Date24 December 2017
Keeping Faith Season 2 Release Date12 May 2019
Keeping Faith Season 2 End Date16 June 2019
Keeping Faith Season 3 Release Date1 November 2020
Keeping Faith Season 3 End Date6 December 2020
Keeping Faith Season 4 Release DateCanceled

Keeping Faith Season 3 Story

Keeping Faith
Keeping Faith

The season started airing on March 21st with 6 complete episodes. Here you will see Eve returning to her role as Faith. 

Now she has to tackle her marriage break up while taking the case of a gravely ill child. With her divorcee on the run and job on the other will she be able to keep her calm or she will become the victim of her own emotional roller coaster? She has to support her children and prove to her motherhood. Whereas also fights justice and choice as she takes the biggest case, she ever witnessed in her whole career life. 

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Now I will no longer be a chatterbox and spill the beans. So don’t worry you go along and enjoy the show, while I give you a sneak peek of the cast. 

Keeping Faith Season 4 Cast

Keeping Faith Cast
Keeping Faith Cast

Here, the show stars; Eve Myles as Faith Howells, Demi Letherby as Alys Howells, Lacey Jones as Megan Howells, Bradley Freegard as Evan Howells, Oscar & Harry Unsworth as Rhodri Howells and others. 

Where To Watch Keeping Faith?

The show was originally streamed by Acorn TV. You can watch it there; you can also stream it on Amazon Prime Videos or iTunes; but you may have to rent there. Enjoy the show guys!!!

Keeping Faith Trailers

I have shared the first season trailer for you to watch and then enjoy the show. As for the others you will get them on YouTube and other platforms. 

Go enjoy and chill with your tea or popcorn or whatever you think suits the show’s atmosphere. While I take your leave!!

Adios! Oh, I forgot, Happy Watch! 

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