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Kenan Season 2 Release Date And What To Expect?

The American Sitcom television series Kenan is created by Jackie Clarke and David Caspe. The series has kicked off just recently, back in February 16, 2021 and is still ongoing. In this series we find a hard-working widowed father trying his best to provide as much as he could for his two daughters. This show beautifully portrays the beauty of life which is hidden in small things and in total holds a wholesome demeanor. As of now, the series has only 1 season with 10 episodes. Here’s what we know about Kenan Season 2 Release Date.

Kenan Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Kenan is confirmed and has received a release date as well. It is scheduled to release on 15th December 2021 if there is no delay and everything sticks to schedule. 

Kenan Season 2 Story


Life comes in all shape and sizes and we never know what it holds for us in the next second. It comes with a lot of different favours and colours some a bit bitter and dull, some a bit sweet and vivid. Life only isn’t what you live by yourself it also depends upon people you surround yourself with. The people you surround yourself with speaks a lot about you and the future you might be holding. Every human being in existence wishes for the best thing to happen, there is no human being out there thinking otherwise. We hope, we expect a lot of things, we plan a lot of things but sometimes it doesn’t go exactly how we had it in mind. Sometimes life can show you really hard times, times you never asked for, times you wish you have never seen. Sometimes you might blame yourself for that but that’s not the right thing to do always. Sure your decisions have lead you where you are but nobody can’t control the future or fate and everything just goes as it should.

The series Kenan is a popular sitcom that tells the story of Kenan Williams, a single father trying his best to do as much as he could for his children. He was widowed and now he carries the responsibility of having two children. And he tries his level best to accomplish and fulfill his duties. He might not be the best at what he does when it comes to that but he tries to be the best father he could. The name of his two children are Aubrey and Birdie. Kenan along with his two child lives in Atlanta, Georgia. This series mainly focuses on how Kenan deals with his work life and his responsibilities as a parent which often comes in each other’s way. We find Kenan on his endeavor to find the perfect balance so that he doesn’t have to upset anyone. But life unfortunately isn’t that simple for him. Different perplexities and many more issues always sprang up from here and there just to make his life more difficult for him. His issues doesn’t revolve around his children and work only despite them being two of his main concerns.

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Along with that he also needs to deal with other issues as well. Kenan was previously a sitcom star in the series and now he hosts a TV program that airs in the morning. However, Kenan is no way alone in the path he calls life. Beside him there is his father in law Rick Noble who is getting old, Gary Williams, Kenan’s brother who is also Kenan’s business advisor and his manager as well. Mika Caldwell, executive producer of Kenan’s morning show, Kenan is really close friends with Mika. And then there are his two daughters Aubrey Williams who is smart and intelligent and Birdie Williams who is not as bright as Aubrey and sometimes can be really unpredictable. Rick in his old age is trying his best to take of both Aubrey snd Birdie along with Kenan and is trying to make up for the lost time. Kenan’s morning show is extremely popular in Atalanta and the series follows how Kenan embarks on his journey of life without his wife whom he deeply miss, along with others who are there to help him. 

Kenan Season 2 Cast


Kenna Williams- The role of Kenna Williams in the show is played by the widely renowned Kennan Thompson. He was born on May 10, 1978 Columbus, Ohio, U.S. He is in the acting industry since the 90s following his debut in a show on Nickelodeon. He was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for his contribution to Saturday Night Live. He earned mass recognition after join the cast of Saturday Night Live. 

The show is available on Amazon.

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