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Killer Siblings Season 4: Renewed or Cancelled?

When it comes to true crime special, Oxygen is always at the top. It is one of the upcoming American Web Series. Killer Siblings is a crime documentary TV series with 3 seasons premiering and 4 being on the way.

The original language of the series is English. This is one of the most awaited web series of all time.  

The series received a rating of 7.6 from IMDb. 

Killer siblings will take the viewers into the minds of the family members. They are committed to carrying out sinister acts, no matter the cost. 

Season 1 aired in 2019, and Season 3 aired on 3rd December and the episodes are getting its release weekly. 

The series is directed by Mathew Watts.

Killer Siblings Season 4 Release Date

Is the date of Season 4 announced? Will the series get a renewal? 

Well, the date has yet not been announced by Oxygen. Take into account that Season 3 itself aired a few days back. 

The status of the date is still pending. But the pace outfits release is good so you can expect a new Season. Till then enjoy Season 3, new episodes are getting added weekly. 

Killer Siblings Season 1 Recap

Killer Siblings
Killer Siblings

The Season follows the most maniac real-life siblings in history. Through some exclusive interviews and first-hand accounts their self is known. The series will delve into the evil minds of the siblings who have partnered together. Together they commit the most heinous and sophisticated homicides. It also follows the chilling stories of the siblings, caught red-handed in the web of lies. 

The series explores the bond of the siblings. And what actually drove them to a path of murder. Why do they commit these crimes? 

Weaving together with stories of their childhood, and details of the crime. The series is a must-watch for crime lovers. The episodes will surely chill your bones.  

The series explores the minds, upbringing, and motivations of the family members. Their only mission now is to kill.

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Psychologists, detectives, and investigators take viewers deep inside. Their mind are now blinded by deceit and revenge.

Haven’t watched the series yet? Go and watch now, 3 seasons are already out.  

The season aired in October 2019. 

Read on to know more about the next season.

Killer Siblings Season 2 Recap

The second season consists of 12-hour long episodes. This season follows more stories of the siblings. The stories follow one of the siblings driving the other to take revenge. This season further escalated the aggression of the series. It follows the murder of the eldest brother and the story of 13 years old. I am not going much into the details, as it would spoil the mystery around it. The whole series mainly revolves around one murder after the next. The unexpected twists and the investigation followed around the Suh family. 

Season 2 premiered in November 2020. This season has 12 episodes. 

Killer Siblings Season 3 Recap

Killer Siblings
Killer Siblings

Episodes are airing weekly, premiered in December 2021. Only episode 1 is available. Me giving the synopsis will spoil the mood right!

I’ll just give a sneak peek. Don’t worry! 

Now, that the sibling’s brother is convicted of murder. The three siblings hatch a deadly plan. Their goal is now to avenge him. And the target is the star witness of the trial. The plan spoils when the wrong person….

Shoot I was just going to give it all!! Stay tuned to watch the upcoming episodes. 

Well, that’s all! I have put together all you need to know.

Happy Watch! Go watch the series!

I am sure if you’re an addict to the crime genre, you’ll enjoy it. The dark, gory aura of the series will definitely keep you hooked.

The series premiered on iTunes, Apple TV, if you have not watched it yet, then go and must watch this drama.

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