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Kim’s Convenience Season 6 Release Date: What Will Happen Next?

Okay, we all can agree to this that even if sitcoms are long, they are some unique pieces of entertainment that one can enjoy. Be it Friends or The Office, sitcoms have made a special place in the world of entertainment. The fact that they are long gives us more time to enjoy them. We can watch them at leisure, taking our own time during a nice weekend when we want to stay at our homes with some comfort food. The unique thing about sitcoms is the unusual comedy that is incorporated into them.

If you are searching for a sitcom of this kind, have you thought about watching Kim’s Convenience? You will have to read further to know more about this sitcom. 

Kim’s Convenience Season 6 Release Date 

It has come to our notice that the sixth season of the show has neither been announced nor canceled. Better to say, the show is in a kind of grey area. Even if there are rumors that the show might get a sixth season, there are also rumors that the show will not get a sixth season because Ins Choi and Kevin White want to delve into other projects leaving Kim’s Convenience. Hence, we will have to wait for any further announcements regarding the sixth installment of the show. 

Name of the Show/MovieKim’s Convenience 
Season/ Part/ Episode NumberSeason 6
Season 1 Release Date11 October 2016
Season 6 Release DateCanceled

About Kim’s Convenience

Kim’s Convenience is a Canadian television sitcom. It first aired on CBC Television from October 2016 to April 2021. The sitcom is produced by Thunderbird Films in collaboration with Soulpepper Theatre Company. At present, the sitcom has 5 seasons with 65 episodes in total. The running time of each episode is 30 minutes.

Ivan Fecan, Alexandria Raffe, Ins Choi, Kevin White, Alan Dilworth, and Tania Senewiratne are the executive producers of the show. The production locations of the show are Toronto and Ontario, Canada. In 2016 the first season of the show was shot in August at Showline Studios. It was after the release of the second season in 2017 that it got debuted internationally on Netflix in 2018 making the show available outside Canada. 

Kim’s Convenience plot

Kim’s Convenience is centered around a Korean Canadian family running a convenience store in the Moss Park neighborhood of Toronto. The show deals with the lives of the members of this family. This eponymous series is based on the play written by Ins Choi. When Mr. and Mrs. Kim settled their business in Toronto, they were raising two kids, Jung and Janet, who are seen as adults in the show. Due to a fallout between Jung and Appa (Mr. Kim), Jung left the family home at 16. Since then, the duo has been keeping themselves apart. 

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Kim’s Convenience season 5 rewind

The fifth season of the sitcom ended with Jung giving a business presentation to his parents for their store which brought up the question if Jung would like to take over the shop. Shannon ends up breaking up with him because he did not take the marriage proposal with seriousness or importance. It was good to see Janet considering pursuing her own business in photography business which Gerald also tried to be part of. 

Kim’s Convenience cast

Kim’s Convenience Season 6 Release Date 

The cast of Kim’s Convenience includes Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Appa, Jean Yoon as Umma, Simu Liu as Jung, Andrea Bang as Janet, Andrew Phung as Kimchee, and Nicole Power as Shannon Ross. If there is a season 6, we will probably have the same cast as we saw in the last five seasons. Since there is no confirmation regarding season 6, inevitably the cast of season 6 of the sitcom has not been confirmed as well. All we can do is wait for any official news regarding either of the outcomes of the sitcom. 

Kim’s Convenience Trailer

The trailer for season 6 of the show has not been released yet. If the show gets confirmed for its sixth installment, we will get a trailer for the show. As of now, there is no trailer for its sixth installment. 

Nonetheless, if you have not watched the trailer for the fifth season of the show, you can most definitely click on the given link below to watch it.

Where to Watch Kim’s Convenience?

Presently we do not know where the sixth season of the show will be aired. 

You can watch the previous five seasons of the show on Netflix. You have to have a subscription to the ott platform to watch the show. 


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FAQs- Kim’s Convenience Season 6 Release Date

Why did Jung get kicked out of Kim’s Convenience?

He did some stealing from his father and faced repercussions.

Shannon and Jung get married at the end?

Shannon broke up with Jung in the end. 

Does Mandalorian feature Mr.Kim?

Yes, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee is also known for The Mandalorian.

Is Jung united with his Appa?

They are united but don’t reconcile completely.

What is Shannon’s age at Kim’s Convenience?

26 Years Old.

Is Simu Liu Filipino?

Simu Liu is a Chinese-Canadian actor.

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