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Kiss Me First Season 2 Release Date & Spoilers!

It’s been a long time since the UK’s famous show kiss me first hasn’t returned. The show was an adaptation of the novel Lottie Moggach’s Kiss me first. The show has been produced by Skins’ & Bryan Elsley and Most of all if you are a gamer and love some fictional sci-fi show this might be it. Season one of kiss me first premiered on Uk’s channel four in 2018 and for a long time, the show was a banger! Well, here are all the details we know about Kiss Me First Season 2 Release Date.

Kiss Me First Season 2 Release Date

The cyber-thriller show first Aired on the 2nd of April and continued till the 7th of May 2018. It only consisted of about 6 episodes each with a duration of 45 minutes. After airing on UK’s Channel 4, it was renewed for a global Netflix launch on 29th June 2018. And as soon as the show dropped it was a massive hit. The visualization of the storyline was immense and people loved it in every way.

Although there were a few cliffhangers that haven’t been cleared yet, the show needs a season 2, to sum up, what was left.

Name Of The SeriesKiss Me First
GenreCyber- Thriller
Kiss Me First Season 1 Release Date7th of May 2018
Kiss Me First Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

The show had been left on a cliffhanger and had some serious questions to be answered. Moreover after the release of kiss me first season one Melanie Stokes said, “We’re hoping to make a returning series.” as far as the release date of kiss me first season 2 it can be seen by 2023.

To the fact that the show hasn’t revealed its complete storyline, hopes are high that we would get kiss me first season 2 soon on Netflix. The British cyber drama has a major fan following and for the past 3 years, they all have been waiting eagerly.

Kiss Me First Season 2 Story

Kiss Me First Season 2 Release Date

If you too are a gamer, you might understand what goes behind a person’s mind. Most of all people tend to escape reality and indulge themselves in the deep virtual reality and take control over those things which in real life wouldn’t have been possible. The same is with the show miss me first. Leila Evans a 17-year-old girl who lives with her mom struggles to find a job. Soon in an incident, her mother dies and she is Carried away into a deep Stage of loneliness to get away from her grievance she starts getting involved in multiplayer games.

As the story proceeds Leila becomes astounded by (MMORPG) massively multiplayer online role-playing game, which is an online gaming community whose motive is to take people into virtual reality and give them an escape route from their real life. Players get into the virtual world called Azana with the help of a VR. And as she dives into the virtual world she is addicted in the first go. The game is far better than reality Azana has everything that she couldn’t do in her real life.

Leila gets an identity of a super-powered character Shadowfax. She gets the perfect route to escape herself from her real-life grievance and regrets. While the story proceeds she meets a few players and develops a bond with them. The best part is that they were existing in real life and helped Leila to come out of her world full of loneliness. There She meets Mania or Tes in the game with whom she falls in love. But the story isn’t that gala and simple, soon they realize about a gang in the game that didn’t have healthy intentions.

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The gang known as “Red Pills” ravages up the game and makes it difficult for the players to survive. The game and its graphics are something that can be felt in real life too. Suddenly Leila realizes that her love Tes has suddenly disappeared and she goes on a quest to find her. She soon understands the dark secrets that were hidden from everyone and how the Red pill had inflicted the connection between the game and virtual reality.

At the last test can be seen resting on a ventilator wounded that leaving a cliffhanger for all the audience watching. What happened next and how was she able to survive? All these answers have to be given in season 2 of kiss me first. The show has perfectly portrayed how the kids and teenagers have involved themselves in something non-existent and computer-programmed. Multiplayer gaming is an addiction for a few and the show being launched in 2018 can perfectly compare to 2021 as there is VR gaming popping up that can provide such an experience to the players. In fact, the show also depicts how the life of teenagers is at risk playing games and believing in something that is non-existent in nature.

The show kiss me first can be compared to one of the episodes shown in the Black mirror where will Smith starts loving his best friend in the game. Who is a boy in reality but with an avatar of a beautiful blond girl things start going in a direction that only a few can imagine?

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Kiss Me First Season 2 Cast

kiss me first season 2 release date

The main lead of the show is Leila Evans whose real name is Tallulah Rose Haddon she has already worked in various movies/shows such as Black Mirror, living, and the dead starboy, etc. Adrian Palmer is played by Mathew beard. The character Tes is being played by Simone. Jonty is being played over by Matthew Aubrey.

The rest of the cast includes Calumny, Freddie Stewart as Kyle, Misha Butler as Jack Innes, George Jovanovic as Cyril Niemiec, Haruka Abe as Tomiko Teshima, Philip Arditti as Azul, Geraldine Somerville as Ruth Palmer, Samuel Bottomley as Ben.

Kiss Me First Season 2 Trailer

As of now, the makers have not done any announcements yet, thus there isn’t a trailer as well. As soon as the trailer is released we will make sure to add it down here and send you a mail if you wish to get notified subscribe down below.

Till then you can watch season one’s trailer that will give an essence of what happened in season one. and the probabilities of what can be in the plot of season 2 kiss me first.

Where To Watch Kiss Me First Online?

The first season of the show is available on Netflix to watch. In order to watch, you can buy a subscription to Netflix or if you are not willing to purchase, you can always ask your friends, right?

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