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Know Here Misa Amane Age In Death Note!

Misa Amane is a made-up character in Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s comic manga Death Note. Misa (Light Yagami), a renowned model, seeks out Kira (Misa) because she believes his goal is to “clear the face of evil.” Misa does whatever she can to help light, using her own Death Note, a notepad that enables its user to kill anybody only by learning their faces and names, which she got from Shinigami Rem.

This comprises halving her personal lifetime two times in an attempt to acquire Shinigami’s vision, which allows her to know a person’s name simply by glancing at their face. Despite the fact that Misa plays the usual love interest position, her connection with Light is one-sided, as he exploits her for his own benefit.

Misa is portrayed by Aya Hirano within the Japanese version and Shannon Chan-Kent within the English version of the animation adaption. Erika Toda in the movie, Fuuka Yuzuki in the live performance, and Hinako Sano in the drama series play her in the real-time versions.

Misa’s appearance was greatly influenced by Lolita’s gothic flair, which worked well enough with Death Note’s concepts. Nevertheless, as her personality grew, so did her look, and then by the end of the show, Misa didn’t have the very same look she had before.

Misa, along with several of some other protagonists, was inspired by magazine covers, according to Takeshi Obata, the series’ creator.

Who is Misa?

Misa Amane Age
Misa from Death Note

Misa has long brown hair that she normally wears in pigtails, but she also wears it free on sometimes. Her eyes are primarily light brown in the comic. They were, moreover, depicted as green. They vary among light brown and blue in the animation.

Misa frequently wears Lolita-style apparel, though this has become considerably less so since the time jump. Ohba’s artwork frequently depicts her donning a variety of Lolita-styled outfits.

Misa favors cross jewelry, albeit, in the animation versions, the crosses were replaced with ‘fleur de lis’ emblems. Although this, Misa is seen with a cross in the first television premiere and her modeling sheet picture in the third anime soundtrack’s production notes. On the collectible figure that’s included in volume 5 of the DVD sets, she does have across.

Misa generally addresses herself in the 3rd person, referring to herself as “Misa-Misa.”

Since the very first comic, Misa has taken a major step. Misa was largely employed as fan entertainment in previous translations. She has, nevertheless, grown into a three-dimensional figure and a formidable woman. Her affections for Light become genuine in the musical, and her affection for him isn’t a game like that in the comic.

Misa was far more engaged in the Kira assassinations in the Netflix picture, and she went over Light’s behind and get what she desired. Her line of work also has shifted. She plays a musician instead of a model in the musical and live-action drama.

Misa Amane Age

Misa Amane Age
Misa Loves Light

Misa was birthed on the 25th of December, 1984. Despite the fact that she was expected to have a much longer lifespan, she cut her final lifespan in halves in order to gain the Shinigami Eyes’ ability. She made the deal two times, reducing her life expectancy to a fifth of what it had been.

On February 14, 2011, Misa died. Though he never placed it into the novel itself, Tsugumi Ohba, the author of the plotline, has revealed that she felt depressed when Light ended up dead and killed herself. She was brought into the world on Christmas Day and ended up dead on February 14th.

Where to watch Death Note?

Misa is another protagonist from the animated series Death Note. On anime lab, Hulu, Netflix, and Crunchyroll, the program is available. The show has been so popular that many other networks have expressed interest in making it accessible for broadcasting, although only a few streaming sites are now able to do so. The show is so popular that the show is available for the Indian audience.

Death Note Trailer

The trailer for the show is also available to stream sites and YouTube. The animated Television series is based on a comic, and there was previously a live-action feature. We definitely encourage people to go see it. There are multiple TV shows and movies that are presently based on Death Note.

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