Is Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Release Date Announced? 

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 1 Trailer

Sing along with me if you love Anime. I mean don’t literally sing just nod your head. Well, I can’t see so don’t! Kidding! 

The anime is really interesting and most importantly Kawai! How can I not talk about its cuteness? Have you seen the boy; he is really very sweet? I feel most of you are interested to watch the anime because seriously its cuteness is killing me. Anyways I can’t stick to it, I will have to move on, for I have you guys waiting on me. Right?  

So, if you’re waiting for the news on its renewal update. Then keep reading!

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Release Date

The Spring 2022 anime made its way not long back, so probably the next release will be at the most at the end of 2022 or by 2023.

We all are aware that the creation of animation takes time. So, after the release of season 1, with all probability season, 2 will reach you hereafter. 

Now that the official date has not been announced as of yet. Let’s wait for its announcement. We are hoping to see more of Kotaro on screen. Till then stay with us while you enjoy Kotaro Season 1. 

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 1 Release Date10 March 2022
Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 1 Status

Kotaro Lives Alone
Kotaro Lives Alone

The manga-adapted anime is really interesting as I said earlier on. With a lot of expectations and hope the season made its way on March 10th, 2022. The comedy, slice of life anime is an ONA. The anime is still airing so the complete episode release date is still unknown. 

Our guess is, the anime will be released weekly. 

So, with prayers and hope let’s wait for its full release and the next season’s news. While you enjoy the anime as it airs. 

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 1 Story

The anime is about a 4 years old boy Kotarou Satoou. On his arrival, he shifts to his next-door neighbor’s place who is a manga artist by the job.  Living alone not only is he socially independent but also financially. He earns his living and is more put together than the manga artist who is a grown-up. 

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Will this child and a grown-up man become fords and what will go on from here forth? Watch this amazing anime or you can even read the manga if you want. 

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 1 Cast

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Release Date
Kotaro Lives Alone, Characters

The anime includes; Toshiki Masuda as Shin Karino, Rie Kugimiya as Kotaro Satou, Saori Hayami as Mizuki Akitomo and Junichi Suwabe as Isamu Tamaru. 

Where To Watch?

This is a Netflix original anime, so you will find the anime available there only. 

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Trailer

The season 1 trailer is attached above. If you are looking for more teasers and trailers for the first season you will find them on YouTube and Netflix as well. 

Season 2 is not out yet and since the official release state is not announced so wait for the arrival of the trailer till then. 

So, guys with this I will take your leave. We will meet again, but with another update for you from our end.

Till then Sayonara! Happy Watch! 

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