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Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 169 Release Date: Predicted Story, Spoilers, and more!

The new manga series are total head-turners. The ones that are in the middle of their story are the ones that are the most interesting. The stories are just building up their plots and this is a wonderful time to go on with reading them. The one in the discussion today is a wonderful manga that deserves a read.

Legend Of The Northern Blade is one of a kind due to its unique storyline. The previous chapters of the story have had wonderful backstories and also the derived story is interesting. The previous chapter showed a tremendous battle between The Black Wings and Soo Cheon who took a surprising turn in the very end of this battle. Ever since the end of the 168th chapter, the audience has gone crazy.

Everybody is curious to know when the 169th chapter is going to be released. With this end of the episode, the next one will be a game changer. This article is going to talk about exactly what you are looking for. If you want to dive into the world of Northern Blade, with the release dates, predicted story and spoilers, read further!

Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 169 Release Date

Legends of The Northern Balde is a wonderful series that has managed to keep its audience base crazy all the time. The episodes always consist of some thrilling twist and thus, they are highly awaited. As seen in the last chapters, Hyeryeong was a character that was hated by many. She met her end recently at the hands of The Spear of the Balck Wings.

Since their demise, this new episode will have a lot of after-effects of her death. The continuation of the story and how it works will be shown now. with his spear driven into the hearts of the Spear of the Black Wings, Soo Cheon knows what to do. Anybody would be dead by this but this monster has just started advancing in Soo Cheon’s direction trying to finish him off.

The continuation will talk a lot about how he gets saved or goes into the victory of Spear of The Black Wings and what will occur later. The 169th chapter of Legends Of The Northern Blade is all set to release on 14 November 2023. While the time schedule might be different in countries, it will be released on the same date in most countries.

In Japan, the episode wi;l released on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, at 9:00 PM. In India, the episode will release at 5:30 PM on 14 November 2023. The episode will be released in Australia on November 14, 2023. In Indonesia, the episode will air on November 14, 2023 at 7:00 PM.

The chapters of The Legend Of The Northern Blade will be available to read on TappyToon in English. It is also available to read on the Kakao Page. So, read the chapters to know more about the story!


Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 169 Predicted Story

The last episode had some bits about how Soo Cheon advanced to destroy Spear of The Balck Wings. Being the mighty guy he is, he did not die after being stabbed by Soo Cheon. He just started moving in his direction to kill him off. Soo Cheon started feeling very scared and the fear started taking him backwards. The battle will have temporarily ended now but Spear of The Balck Wings surely has something in his mind. The turn that will come can be shown in chapter 169.

He will continue to try and fight the demon with all his might and courage because it has to end in some way. Using the special power, that is Divine Light Maneuvers Triple Light Rotation Strike, Soo will surely be able to knock out the Black Wings man.

Soo Cheon sits right down on the battlefield due to being tired and fighting. The story will surely advance right from these points and 2we will see what will happen to the ruins of the war. The story will have a lot of elements that will show us what will happen after the war and if Spear of The Black Wings will come with another attack.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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