Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 10 Release Date is Out!

Let Me Be Your Knight is an ongoing South Korean television series and the genre of the show is a romantic comedy and musical drama. The show was created by Park Yoo- Soo and developed by SBS. The plot of the show was written by Seo Jeong- eun and Yoo So- won and directed by Ahn Ji- sook. The producers of the show are Shin In-soo, Hwang Dong- seop, Lee Seong- jin, Hong Yong- Seok and Jang Seong-woak, Lee Tae-Kyung CP, and Kim Eun-mi CP are the executive producers of the show. The original language of the show is Korean as the show is developed there.

The show has been praised by fans, audience, viewers, and even critics too which is easily reflected in its ratings on various platforms. It managed to get 7.9 on MyDramaList out of 10 and 8.6 on IMDB out of 10. The show has become quite popular among the fans just with the release of a few episodes.

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 10 Release Date

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 10 Release Date
Let Me Be Your Knight

Since the last episode which was released on January 9th, 2022, fans are left wondering what will happen next? They are wondering about the release date of the next episode. If you are one of them, well then keep reading the article till the last. We will give all the information you need related to episode 10 including its release date. The 10th episode of your favorite show is all set to release on January 16th, 2022. Fans were left in a cliffhanger since the release of the last episode and they are eagerly waiting for this episode to release.

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Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 10 Story

The story of the show revolves around Yoon Tae who is one of the lead singers of the most popular band called Luna. However, he has a problem of sleepwalking. To cure this problem, he visits Yoon- Ju who is a live-in doctor. He wants to keep his condition secret. Although it is very difficult to predict what will happen in the next episode according to our best guess Hyo Bin would probably decide to go back to Shin and she would have a picture of Shin and Chae Ji Yeon of one of their dates. It is expected that she would give this picture to the reporter and fans can assume how much they both will be hated for dating each other. Chae Ji Yoon will freak out upon this and shin would decide to help her. It might also happen that the members of the Luna will get closer to each other once again, it is just a prediction.

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 10 Cast

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 10 Release Date
Let Me Be Your Knight

The cast of the show includes Jung In- Sun who played double roles in the show. She is portraying the roles of In Yoon- Joo who is 29 years old and Kang Seon- Joo. They both are twin sisters and Kang is a doctor but has a sleep disorder. The other members of the cast include Lee Jun- Young, Jang Dong- Joo, Kim Dong- Hyun, Seo Hye- won, Park Ji- won, Joo- ah, Kwak Jae- Hyung, Park So- eun and many more. There were also special appearances in the show. The guest stars were Lee Jae- Yoon and Kanji- young.

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 10 Trailer

There is a trailer available on YouTube for season 1 of the show. In case you wish to watch the trailer of season 1, you do not need to open YouTube and search for it. Just click on the link given above and the trailer will be played. In case you liked the plot of the show and its trailer and wish to watch the show, the show is available on Rakuten Viki. You can watch the show there even without a premium account but with ads. After watching it let us know what did you think of the show in the comment box. Happy Watching!

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