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Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2 Release Date: Details Here!

Let’s Talk About CHU is a humorous and poignant film that incorporates a hint of drama and sexuality with its comedy. The acclaimed Remii Huang is the director of the Taiwanese series, which will premiere on Netflix on February 2, 2024. In a joint production of Machi Xcelsior Studios and Lucky Sparks Films, the program will explore difficult subjects which includes sexuality, romantic relationships and family dynamics while presenting a multigenerational Taiwanese family.

Let’s Talk About CHU’s parents, Chu Wei, the oldest daughter, Chu Ai, the younger daughter, and Yu Sen, the brother, are all linked to the Chu family. Chu Ai and her siblings, the primary protagonists, cope with love, discover meaning in life, and look for comfort.

Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2 Release Date

On February 2, the Taiwanese comedy series Let’s Talk About CHU will launch exclusively and worldwide on Netflix, offering a novel perspective on the complex issues of sex, relationships, and family dynamics. The light comedy “Let’s Talk About CHU” bravely breaches the taboo on talking about sex and love in Taiwanese culture. It explores the complexities and difficulties people may face in romantic and sexual relationships by telling the love tales of close family members from various age groups.

Recap of Let’s Talk About CHU Season 1

Chu Ai is a licensed wax therapist who also runs a reputable web-based sex education channel. Chu Ai preaches, “Only sex, no love,” as she educates her audience on Taiwan’s sexual problems. She’s been friends with Ping Ke for a long time, but they’re more cynical about love than she is.

Chu Wei’s turbulent marriage to her professor, who no longer likes her, has consumed her particularly when it pertains to her siblings. He refuses to have intercourse with her for unknown reasons. Chu Wei begins turning to other sources of comfort, which makes her doubt her marriage, her love, and her own identity. Her heart isn’t sure if it wants emotional comfort or sensual gratification.

Brother Yu Se is seeking some tranquility following the end of a committed partnership. They don’t get along well with their parents and find fulfillment in other relationships.

Story of Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2

Chu Ai swallows her pride and apologizes to Ping-Ke, finally reuniting with him after realizing that her parents had reconciled. By the time Let’s Talk About Chu ends, the parents are happily married and arranging a foreign vacation.

Conversely, Wei-Wei eventually finished the book that she had been working on for a long time, which was based on her own experiences. He’s never had a better connection with the professor, and they’re happy as ever without kids.

After joking that she is unwilling to live alongside Ping-Ke, Ai ends the scene by showing us the happy marriage that “they established.” Ping-Ke lashes out at her until she assures him she was kidding.

Cast of Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2

The cast of Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2 is- 

  • Tzu Hsuan Chan as Chu Ai
  • Kai Ko as Chou Ping-ke
  • J.C. Lin as Chu Yu-sen
  • Chien-Ho Wu as Lee Yueh
  • Kimi Hsia as Chu Wei
  • Margaret Wang as Jou-Jou
  • Phoebe Lin as Lisa
  • Kun-Da Wu as Old Lin
  • Angel Lee as CoCo
  • Honduras as Chu Cheng-nan
  • Yu-Cheng Yang as Mango
  • Chris Lung as Henry
  • Cheng-Mei Chuang as Hsiao-ke
  • Umin Boya as Lin Shih-Chieh
  • Ke-Li Miao as Chu Yeh Mei-chih
  • Helena Hsu as Doris

Where to Watch Season 2 ?

Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2 will be available to watch on Netflix. As the previous season was released on the same platform. 


Where to Watch Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2 ?

Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2 will be available to watch on Netflix. 

Is this show worth watching? 

Yes, it has received applause from critics. And if you are a Taiwanese drama fan that you should go ahead. 

What is the cast of Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2 ?

The cast of Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2 is- Tzu Hsuan Chan as Chu Ai, Kai Ko as Chou Ping-ke, J.C. Lin as Chu Yu-sen, Chien-Ho Wu as Lee Yueh, Kimi Hsia as Chu Wei 

When is the season 2 of this show releasing ? 

Season 2 might release soon, however, the dates are not confirmed. 

What is the expected date for season 2 release? 

It is expected that season 2 may release in 2024. 


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