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Leverage Season 6 Release Date, Cast, And More

Leverage: Redemption Official Trailer

From December 7, 2008, through December 25, 2012, TNT broadcasted the American action crime drama television series Leverage. Electric Entertainment, a production firm founded by executive producer and director Dean Devlin, produces the series. Leverage features a five-person heist team commanded by former insurance investigator Nathan Ford, consisting of a thief, a grifter, a hacker, and a retrieval specialist who apply their knowledge to battle corporate and political injustices perpetrated on ordinary folks.

Season 1 comprises 13 episodes, which were scripted by John Rogers and Chris Downey, as well as producer Dean Devlin, to provide a complete story if the show was not renewed. Season 2, which was shot in Portland, Oregon, was separated into two parts: a nine-episode summer season that began on July 15, 2009, as well as a six-episode winter season the following fall. Season 3 of Leverage premiered on June 20, 2010, and was relocated to Sunday.

From July 30, 2010, Leverage got renewed for a fourth season. It aired for 18 episodes, 10 in the summers and eight in the wintertime, commencing on June 26, 2011. The fourth season premiered on TNT on Sunday, November 27, 2011, at 9 p.m. EST. Leverage was revived for a fifth and final season on August 12, 2011, with filming and set in Portland.

Leverage Season 6 Release Date

For now, though, there is no indication that the series will be revived. The fifth season premiered on July 15, 2012. On December 21, 2012, Leverage was canceled due to low ratings. On December 25, 2012, the season finale that had created as a likely final season aired. Leverage: Redemption, a sixteen-episode resurrection, shot the film in early August 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana, with the majority of the actors have returned. In July 2021, it was broadcast on IMDb TV.

Leverage Season 1 Release Date7 December 2008
Leverage Season 1 End Date24 February 2009
Leverage Season 2 Release Date15 July 2009
Leverage Season 2 End Date17 February 2010
Leverage Season 3 Release Date20 June 2010
Leverage Season 3 End Date19 December 2010
Leverage Season 4 Release Date26 June 2011
Leverage Season 4 End Date15 January 2012
Leverage Season 5 Release Date15 July 2012
Leverage Season 5 End Date25 December 2012
Leverage Season 6 Release DateNot Announced Yet

Leverage Season 1 Story

Leverage Season 6 Release Date

Nathan “Nate” Ford, a former insurance investigator, is credited with retrieving millions of dollars in stolen property and pursuing the world’s most dangerous and elusive burglars. When Nate’s son fell unwell, IYS, the insurance firm where he’d spent his career, used dubious ethics to reject coverage for a therapy that would have saved the child’s life, resulting in Nate’s son’s death. Nate is recruited by aerospace industrialist Victor Dubenich to retrieve stolen intellectual assets by heading a crew of criminals, many of whom Nate has earlier tracked, and is financially and emotionally devastated as a result of the expensive treatment and eventual loss of his kid.

The thieves, including hacker Alec Hardison, ‘hitting’ Eliot Spencer, and a thief known simply as “Parker,” all have a reputation for being loners who do not work with others, and Nate initially disagrees. Dubenich eventually persuades Nate to reconsider his position. Dubenich double-crosses them and tries to kill them when the mission is successful. Rather than escaping, Nate convinces the gang to fight, enlisting the help of Sophie Deveraux, a ruthless thief, to put Dubenich out of business.

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The group gets into a very successful team under Nate’s leadership, destroying Dubenich’s business, clearing their reputations, and providing each criminal with enough money to retire from crime. They approached Nate to proceed with his guidance, recognizing their ability as a group. When Nate is obligated to either be a “white knight” or a “black king,” he agrees solely on a single circumstance: they will only seek the greedy and powerful in order to avenge common citizens who really have no options.

Leverage Season 6 Cast


Nathan “Nate” Ford was played by Timothy Hutton, Sophie Devereaux was performed by Gina Bellman, Alec Hardison was played by Aldis Hodge, Eliot Spencer was played by Christian Kane, and Parker was played by Beth Riesgraf.

As the series has progressed through its five seasons, new cast members, as well as returning cast members, can be seen in each season. Mark Sheppard, who portrayed James Sterling, Robert Blanche, who played Detective Captain Patrick Bonanno, and Tom Skerritt, who played Jimmy Ford, are among the original cast members.

Where to Watch the Leverage?

Through Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes, viewers may rent or buy Leverage to watch online. Leverage is also available to watch for free on IMDb TV.

Leverage Season 6 Trailer

Since the publication of the fifth season’s final episode, the series has shown no signs of coming back. Season six has already been declared terminated, thus there is no trailer for the season, and however, fans may still watch the prior five seasons. In addition, a new series, Leverage: Redemption, has debuted, with a teaser available on YouTube and also at the top of this post.

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