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Is Light As A Feather Season 3 Release Date Coming This Year?

Light As A Feather is a Tv series with thriller and supernatural elements in it. It is based on the book called the Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board written by Zoe Aarsen. The series was created by R.Lee Fleming Jr. and the first season was released in 2018 garnering good responses and reviews from the viewers. It was followed by a second season which was released in two parts one on July 26, 2019, and the other on October 4, 2019.

Since the last release, however, the fans have been curious to get some details on the series and its future. Therefore, we decided to come up with an article with updated information on the series, its new season, and a lot more for you all. So, without any further waiting let’s know everything in detail.

Light As A Feather Season 3 Release Date

Light As A Feather Season 3
Light As A Feather

Many of the fans have been wondering since the last release of the series which is the second part of season 2 that when will the third season be released because it has been a long time. Thus, we have come here to give you a quick update on the future of the series.

As of now neither the makers nor the distributors have confirmed anything related to the renewal or the cancellation of the series. They have not made any official announcements on anything related to the series or the new season which means for the time being there is no season 3 on the list. But we will keep you posted with all the updates and changes that will take place in terms of the series.

Name of the ShowLight As A Feather
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreSupernatural Thriller
Light As A Feather Season 1 Release Date12 October 2018
Light As A Feather Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Light As A Feather Season 3 Overview

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Light As A Feather Season 3 Story

Light As A Feather that has been created by R.Lee Fleming Jr. is a story based on and revolves around five girls who are in their teens and are dealing with some supernatural incidents that have resulted from a simple game. The supernatural happening and the consequences of the game lead to the death of the girls in the same way as they are being expected and predicted. This has left the ones surviving to find out why all this is happening and who is really behind all this and whether all this is done by someone they know or are acquainted with. They will have to find out who the evil spirit is and we will have to find out how things end for the ones who are surviving.

In order to find out the answers, you will have to watch the series on your own. The story is thrilling and so is the series which will leave you gasping and bring you to the edge of thinking after each episode that what will happen next. In terms of the third season, there is no information yet on the renewal or cancellation and thus there is no revelation of the story as well. But you know that we are always here to keep you updated on whatever happens. So, keep in touch with us.

Light As A Feather Season 3 Cast

Light As A Feather Season 3 Release Date
Light As A Feather

The cast of the series includes talented actors who have kept the show together and did not let it fall at any point. Everything related to the movie or a series be it the story, the cast or the team behind it the reasons for the success or failure and if one goes down the other can keep it together. So the cast that has played a huge role in the series includes Liana Liberato, Haley Ramm, Brianne Tju, Ajiona Alexus, Peyton List, Brent Rivera, Jordan Rodrigues, and Dylan Sprayberry, Katelyn Nacon, and Adriyan Rae.

It also includes some recurring actors who are Dorian Brown Pham, Chachi Gonzales, Shelley Robertson, Nancy Linehan Charles, Timi Prulhiere, Harley Graham, Kira Kosarin, Froy Gutierrez, and Alisa Allapach. It also includes Alex Wassabi, Alan and Alex Stokes, Brooke Star, Brae Bee, Eric Brenner, and Alexander Baudo. The series also had some guest appearances which included Leah Lewis, Alex Lange, Julia Rose, Timothy Davis-Reed, John Tague, Simmi Singh, and Julie Benz.

Light As A Feather Season 3 Trailer

Since the has not been confirmed whether it will be renewed or not therefore there is no trailer for the new season of the series after the last season was released. It is highly unpredictable as well whether the new season will be released or not.

So, for the time being, if you want to watch a trailer in order to understand the series then you can watch the trailer of the first and the second season. In case any update will be released by the team of the series or the distributors we will update you all.

Where To Watch Light As A Feather Season 3 Online?

If you would like to watch the supernatural thriller series until a renewal confirmation or cancellation news is released or would like to re-watch the series then you can stream the show only on one platform. The OTT platform where the series is available is Hulu. The series for the time being has 2 seasons and 26 episodes in total. The episodes run for 22 to 25 minutes. So, all the eager and curious viewers can tune in to Hulu now to watch the series. And if we get any update on the renewal or cancellation then we will update you with that.  

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