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Light Yagami Vs L: Who Wins? Who’s The Strongest?

The Death Note series is essentially a cat – and – mouse pursuit among two protagonists that takes different unexpected turns, eventually evolving into the battle of wits, deception, and preparation.

The central protagonist, Light Yagami, is a high schooler who is on the verge of becoming a God by the name of ‘KIRA’ and fantasies of cleaning the globe. He is mostly pursued by ‘L’ or “L Lawliet,” a ruthless investigator. If you enjoyed the show, you’ve probably questioned who the best was.

Who is Light Yagami ?

Light Yagami Character from Death Note
Light Yagami Character from Death Note

Light is viewed as a great intellect that is industrious and knowledgeable. Light is a talented strategist and excellent at plotting out possibilities, as well as being intuitive and problem-solving. Additionally, light is well-liked by his classmates and loved by his family. His great intellect and continual commendation from grownups, on the other hand, created the groundwork for an incredible level of arrogance, which rapidly manifested once he got his hands on the notebook.

Light was raised in Japan by his family, which includes his father, Soichiro Yagami, a part of the Japanese Task Force (a counter-Kira investigation squad), his mom, Sachiko Yagami, and his younger sister, Sayu Yagami.

Light is a 3rd-year high school student (12th Grade) attending Daikoku Private Academy at the start of this season, and he also takes additional lessons at Gamou Prep Academy. Later, he attended To-Oh University for college.

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Who is L ?

L Character from Death Note
L Character from Death Note

L is a famous investigator who is tasked with apprehending the serial killer called as Kira. L develops deeply suspicious of Light Yagami throughout their inquiry and sets out to establish that Light is Kira.

L is a slender, light skinned, big young fellow having unruly dark hair that reaches his collar and dark eyes. The shade beneath each one of his eyes, which he obtained as a result of his sleeplessness, is among his very distinguishing traits. L is shown wearing blue pants and a lengthy white shirt at all times. In even publicly, he practically never wears boots or socks, choosing to walk bare feet. This was demonstrated while he went to Light Yagami’s school and sat on a seat bare feet, not caring to put on his boots till he stood up and walk. When moving, L also has a tendency to slouch over.

Light Yagami Vs L: Who Will Win?

L’s motivations are rather obvious. ‘Justice,’ he called oneself. He wishes to put an end to Light, often referred as ‘Kira.’ He witnesses all of the murders and wishes to call for an end to Kira’s fear by comprehending the perpetrator. That appears to be the case!

The motivations of Light Yagami are convoluted (easily).  Someone might appear to be a horrible guy, but that isn’t the complete picture. He is actually quite intelligent, and the society is far too simple for him. It gets shattered as a result of greedy people. He is unhappy with his current situation and wishes to improve it in his free time. He intends to use the Death Note to kill only terrible individuals, at first but then, he murders everybody who represents a danger to his purpose.

First and foremost, L died as a direct result of Light’s plot. Just there and then, he defeats L. L could be closing up to Light quickly, but keep in mind that Light is far more clever and persuasive than L. Light not just to hides his traces well, but he is also much more smart and cunning than L. He bends people’s hands to get them do whatever he demands. He’s a dangerous lunatic.

Furthermore, light is not a constant murderer. His focus is split as he devotes some of his effort to “studying” in order to remain ahead of his classmates. With one hand, he performs equations and with other, he puts names in Death Note. This one was probably the coolest part about him. They also defeated light as they had to make him look awful. So, in the final moment, the writer became frantic and attempted to summaries everything. 

Where To Watch Death Note Online?

These protagonists are from the same show, Death Note, which can be viewed on Hulu and Netflix.

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