Lisa Blackpink Net Worth, early life, and boyfriend!

Born as PranpriyaManobal and now known as Lisa Manobal was born on March 27, 1997. Her more known name after her K-pop Band went famous is Lisa. Born Thai, she is based in South Korea as a singer, dancer, and rapper. She is an elite member of the K pop group Blackpink which is under YG Entertainment. Her Debut was a single song called Lalisa. This song after her debut became the years hit in Malaysia. It was chartered in 14 other countries while the most famous music billboard- US Billboard Hot had this in its top 100. The number of views in 24 hours of its release was 73 million and thus it set the record for the most viewed solo single. The album that harbors the song Lalisa ranked number one in South Korea. The album sold a total of 7 lakh 34 thousand copies in one week setting another record in South Korea of most sales of albums by female musicians.

She was born in the Buriram Province of Thailand. The meaning of her name Lisa which is also now her legal name is the one praised by all. She changed her name after her fortune teller suggested this in the account of getting more fame. He has a Thai mother and a stepfather who belong to Switzerland. Lisa’s mother is ChitthipBruschweiler. Her father is a chef based in Thailand. Lisa started dancing at the age of four and took regular classes. She also got into the dancing contest To be number one. She was a part of the 11 member crew that included Bambam of Got7 of We Zaa Cool.

Lisa Blackpink Early Life

It was in 2010 when Lisa who was 13 then auditioned to join the YG Entertainment in Thailand. From then started her interest in K pop as she started to look up to artists like Big Bang and 2NE1. She was in a group of 4000 applicants for the position and was the only one that stood out. Her amazing talent led the CEO Yang Hyun Suk to allow her to become a YG Entertainment trainee. Judges like Danny lm from 1TYM auditions also said nice things about her, they appreciated her on-stage performance but also her humble attitude off stage towards all.

Her format training for the entertainment lasted for 5 years. The unique thing about her is that she is the first person with a different ethnicity for this K- pop. Her first modeling job was in 2013 for the brand Nona9on. This brand is famous for streetwear. And her first cosmetic brand was Moonlight. This happened in 2016.

The Black pink group members are very famous and are always in the spotlight. Not just for their songs but also for tik to collaborations and also for going alongside American Popstars. With this, they also do modeling for various famous brands. All this can only make you wonder how much these beautiful and talented girls make.

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Lisa Blackpink Net Worth

Lisa Manobal is assumed to be worth close to 13 million dollars and among all the black pink girls she is the highest-grossing one. Others like Kim Jennie and Kim Jisso are also close to 10 million worth. All these girls are super-rich at such a young age due to their high-profiled jobs and appearances. Kim Jennie has been working with designers like Chanel, Calvin Klein, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue. Kim Jasso on the other hand is associated with Dior beauty.

Blackpink members are not very public about their social lives or who they are dating. This is because of the tough rules at YG Entertainment which can only be taken as an exception if they get CEO Yang Hyun Suk. For example, they are not allowed to get a tattoo or plastic surgery.

Being the youngest and as per some the most beautiful member of the Black pink K pop group Lisa has been connected with various beautiful faces but none have yet surfaced as truth. In 2018 she had an interview with Arirang Radio. In that interview, she revealed a rather shocking detail about her preference. She said that she prefers men elder to her by few years. That said she gave no more information if she has dated any such men mostly due to the rules of her employer.

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