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Listen To Love Season 2 Release Date: Is The Show Renewed?

The 2016 South Korean television series “Listen to Love” stars Lee Sun-kyun and Song Ji-hyo. It revolves around husbands striving to safeguard their marriages with the assistance of anonymous netizens, drawing inspiration from the 2007 Japanese TV series of the same title.

So when is the Listen to Love season 2 release date?  Aired on JTBC’s Fridays and Saturdays at 20:30 (KST) time slot from October 28 to December 3, 2016, the 12-episode drama, with the literal meaning “This Week, My Wife’s Having an Affair,” is a captivating blend of romance, melodrama, and family genres. It was written by Kim Hyo-sin, Lee Nam-gyu, and Lee Ye-rim, with direction by Kim Seok-yoon.

Listen To Love Season 2 Release Date

Listen To Love Season 2 Release Date

Ten-year veteran producer Do Hyun-woo (Lee Sun-kyun) becomes convinced that his wife, Jung Soo-yeon (Song Ji-hyo), is having an affair. In what he thought was a robust eight-year marriage, he detects signs of potential infidelity. This realization prompts him to engage with anonymous individuals on online social networks, seeking advice on how to handle the situation and attempting to salvage his marriage.

There is no official confirmation for Listen to Love season 2 of “My Wife is Having an Affair.” As of now, details about a potential continuation remain undisclosed, leaving fans uncertain about the show’s future. Stay tuned for updates from the producers regarding any developments for a subsequent season.

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Listen to Love season 2 Overview

The JTBC drama “My Wife is Having an Affair” concludes its story with a heartwarming message, emphasizing the importance of family unity. In its 12 episodes, the drama straightforwardly addresses adultery as a family issue, resonating as a significant topic for Korean viewers. Encouraging the preservation of core family bonds – father, mother, and children – the series imparts a poignant reminder.

In Episode 11, after Hyun-Woo and Soo-Yeon’s divorce, they continue caring for each other, with Hyun-Woo fixing a lamp in Soo-Yeon’s house and Soo-Yeon still cooking for him, reflecting their enduring love. However, Episode 12 introduces a twist as a new character, played by Oh Yoon-Ah, appears, sparking intrigue.

Oh Yoon-Ah, making a special appearance, expressed her honor to work again with director Kim Suk-Yoon, recalling their collaboration in the 2006 comedy film “Old Miss Diary.” Delighted to act alongside Lee Sun-Kyun, who portrays Hyun-Woo, Oh emphasized her enjoyment during the shooting process.

Stellar cast

The main cast of “My Wife is Having an Affair” includes Lee Sun-kyun as Do Hyun-woo (Toycrane, username), Song Ji-hyo as Jung Soo-yeon, Kim Hee-won as Choi Yoon-gi, Ye Ji-won as Eun Ah-ra, Lee Sang-yeob as An Joon-young, and BoA as Kwon Bo-young. The supporting cast features various talented actors portraying key roles in the intricately woven narrative, bringing characters like Yoon-gi’s secretary, Hyun-woo’s mother, and others to life. Notable special appearances by Eun Ji-won, Kang Ho-dong, Jung Yu-mi, Lee Hwi-jae, Ki Tae-young, and additional guest stars add depth and diversity to the ensemble.

Listen to Love season 2 Expected plotline

The lingering question in season 1 at last was whether Hyun-woo and Soo-yeon’s relationship would endure, even after their divorce. The episode effectively conveyed the enduring connection between the lead couple, portraying how the divorce seemed to alleviate the burdens of their relationship. The reconciliation, following Hyun-woo’s exploration of single life, was a poignant moment, emphasizing leaving the past behind and looking to the future with the present Soo-yeon.

Soo-yeon’s character, though never fully fleshed out, played a deliberate role in Hyun-woo’s growth story. The focus on his journey as a husband, father, and human seeking understanding over the internet highlighted the impact of the TOYCRANE fan community. The in-person meetup provided closure for fans, showcasing the real and meaningful connections formed online.

Other couples’ stories concluded predictably, with Yoon-ki and Ara’s relationship meeting a dramatic end, and Joon-young and Bo-young winning the adorable couple award. Despite hoping for more affection from Bo-young towards Joon-young, their dynamic remained true to the end. The show’s overall narrative left me fully satisfied; a sentiment uncommon for K-dramas. Thanks to CandidClown and the commenters, our online community added valuable perspectives, making me grateful to be part of it. Until next time!

Where to Watch

Watch Listen to Love season 2 on popular streaming platforms such as Viki or check its availability on other platforms like Netflix or Hulu. Ensure regional access and stay tuned for updates on potential streaming options. Join the online community to share perspectives and experiences related to the show. Happy watching!

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