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Little Women Episode 1 Ending Explained And Recap: What Will 70 Billion Won Money Lead To?

Story of three simple sisters, Little Women has just premiered on Netflix with its new first episode. Well, the K-drama was long-awaited and when it was finally out, K- Drama fans could not keep calm. We are one of you only, only the first episode is out and we have already watched it. To give you a small story about the show, The oldest sister, In-Joo is working for a multinational company, and The younger sister, In-Kyung is working as a reporter at OBN Network. The youngest sister, In-Hye is an artist cum painter who got the scholarship to go to the most prestigious art school.

The story revolves around these three girls only, it’s about how they were poor and how they went from that to someone who can afford things on their own. So, let’s not waste a single minute and get straight into the recap and ending explained of episode one of Little Women.

Little Women Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of the Little Women begins with two older sisters trying to make their youngest sister happy on the occasion of her birthday. They remember how they could not afford the money for cake when they were young. So, they brought her a cake and celebrated their birthday. Their mother works in a restaurant. The story here is both the older sisters want In-Hye to go to Europe for a field trip that was organized by her school. So, they decided to give her a present of 2.5 Million Won so she could go to Europe and enjoy it.

But here’s the twist, her mother does not want In-Hye to go abroad. In-Joo and In-Kyung force their mother but she does not agree to it. She makes them remember the time when she needed money to visit their Father in Philliphens but they did not give her the money. In-Joo mentions that his father is basically a ‘Loser’ and she doesn’t want anyone to visit him. Then what’s next? Her mother flees away by taking that money and keeps a letter which says she has also never been abroad or celebrated her birthday, so for once she would want to live for herself rather than living for her children.

But In-Joo and In-Kyung decide that no matter what In-Hye is going to Europe. So, What Happens Next? Yes, you guessed it right, Both of them start to think of a way to have 2.5 million won by the end of the week. In-Joo asks for money in her office but she gets refused. But her 14th-floor friend, Hwa-Young Jinn agrees to give her money and reminds her of the time when In-Joo helped her when her Mother passed away.

In-Kyung used to use mouthwash a lot, you can see her using mouthwash in all of the scenes, I wondered why this is. In-Kyung was looking for a loan of 1.25 million won as In-Joo already arranged the other half. Their great-aunt who was super rich decides to give In-Kyung the other half (In-Kyung used to live with her great aunt for a long time and she never liked her).

On the other hand, In-Joo and her friend Hwa Young Jin go to an expensive restaurant. Jin made In-Joo sign on a paper of ‘Personal Account Opening Form’ and at that time I wondered what was that all about, is she not a friend and a backstabber?

Well, both arranged the money but the plot changes from here. In-Hye declines to take the money to go on the trip as she doesn’t want her sisters to suffer. In-Kyung gets a case about a lawyer where she has to find out the ugly truth behind him.

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Little Women Episode 1 Ending Explained

Little Women Episode 1 Ending Explained
The oldest sister, Oh In-Joo

Then everyone’s favorite, Wi-Ha Joon as Choi-Do-Il comes into the scene. He tells In-Joo that her friend, Miss Jin was supposed to return back two days ago. So, he asks In-Joo to find out where she is. When she goes to her apartment to feed the fish she found something that I would never have imagined, Hwa-Young Jin has committed suicide…Yes! you heard it right! Joon is panicking and she does not know what to do, later she found out that (Choi and her boss told her) that Jin stole about 70 billion won from the Europe-based company (Which was actually an Illegal slush fund). Her boss tells her to tell everything she knows but she quits and says she is not going to help bring the illegal funds.

Things are no good with In-Kyung she goes to the press conference of the political leader, Park-Jae-Sang, and asks him the most controversial question, Park was shocked by the question and her research but he did not answer that. He then calls her to talk and made some comments. The video went viral everywhere, and you can hear Park saying her breath doesn’t smell good which indicated she gets heavily drunk at the office.

The mouthwash we were talking about was not mouthwash but Tequila. She gets busted in the office and gets suspended for a month for degrading the status of OBN Network and for her treatment.

Before committing suicide, Jin transferred her yoga membership to Joo, she went to the yoga academy and gets her locker, what she finds in the locker is again something I would never have imagined. There was a bag of money and not some money, a huge pile of money with a letter saying “Thank You for everything, you were so nice to me. I hope you and your sisters get to live in an apartment with nice windows”.

The first episode ends there.

The question that needs answer is why Hwa Young Jin committed suicide and why she left that kind of money for Joo. Was the money that Illegal slush fund only? and did their mom reach Phillipness? How Kyung became an alcohol dependent and who was the guy she came across when she visited her great aunt. All these questions could be answered in the second episode.

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