Love All Play Episode 19 Release Date And Spoilers!

Anime has always been a super famous and intriguing form of entertainment. Fans love watching anime due to the various unique concepts and storylines they deal with and the visually captivating animation.
Love All Play is nothing less. Based on the novel series by Asami Koseki, the first episode of the anime was released in April 2022. Fans are loving the sports-themed anime that deals with the life of high school students as they work hard to get into national tournaments. They are eager to know about the new episode that is expected to be released soon. And we have all the information right here. So let’s get to it without wasting any more time.

Love All Play Episode 19 Release Date

Love All Play Episode 19 Release Date
Love All Play

There is some great news for both sports and anime enthusiasm. The highly anticipated anime series Love All Play episode 19 is all set to be released. Fans have been loving the new anime adaptation of the manga which came out in April 2022. Season one of the anime has received quite some praise and critical acclaim from viewers and fans alike.

So you must be eager to know when episode 19 will be released. Well, we have all the details right here. Love All Play Episode 19 is expected to be released on August 20 2022. So before the new episode releases, catch up on all the previous episodes online if you missed watching them.

Name of the ShowLove All Play
Episode NumberEpisode 19
GenreDrama, Romance, Sports
Love All Play Episode 1 Release Date20 April 2022
Love All Play Episode 19 Release Date20 August 2022
Love All Play Episode 19 Overview

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Love All Play Episode 19 Story

Love All Play has a very interesting storyline. The story focuses on a high school badminton team. Episode 19 is set to be released on 20 August 2022. Not much has been revealed about the storyline of the new episode. Episode 18 has not been released yet either so we do not know the story of the episode.

The protagonist of the series Ryou Mizushima has a passion for badminton so he joined the school badminton club in junior high. Ryou grows fond of the sport even more and gives his everything as he tries to qualify for the prefectural tournament. But things become difficult for him without a coach. The story explores his journey through junior high and high school as he navigates through badminton and his personal life.

In the last episode we also see that while everyone else is preparing for the badminton tournament, Matsuda is going through some personal issues. His focus on the game is lost as his father calls him. However, we do not know what the call was about. It is difficult to predict what will happen unless the episodes are released. So fans have to wait a bit longer to know what situation Ryou has to face and how he handles it.

Love All Play Episode 19 Characters

 Love All Play Episode 19 Release Date
Love All Play

Episode 19 of Love All Play is coming on 20 August 2022. So get ready to catch this episode online and on television networks soon. However, the cast information of the new episode has not been revealed yet. This is to keep the excitement and anticipation alive for the upcoming episode. Also, the series features some of the best voice actors in the industry. Let’s take a look at the list of characters and who voices them.

Natsuki Hanae voices the character of the protagonist of the series, Ryō Mizushima. Yōhei Azakami voices the character of Shōhei Sakaki. The characters of Kōki Matsuda, Taichi Higashiyama and Yōji Higashiyama are voiced by Makoto Furukawa, Kensho Ono and Tetsuya Kakihara respectively. Other characters and voice actors include Yuki Kaji who voices Akira Uchida, Minako Kotobuki voices Rika Mizushima, Kazuya Nakai voices Hitoshi Ebihara, Masaya Matsukaze voices Shizuo Nakano, and Shimba Tsuchiya voices Hirohito Monda. This is not the end, there are several other super interesting characters in the anime too.

Where To Watch Love All Play Episode 19 Online?

The first season of Love All Play premiered in April 2022. Since then, fans have been loving the series. Love All Play gained a lot of success as a manga and thus fans have been requesting the anime adaptation eagerly. And finally, their wishes have been granted. Fans in Japan can enjoy the series on television networks like Ytv and NTV. Don’t worry, the series is available internationally too.

Crunchyroll and Medialink have got the international licence for the anime. So you can enjoy all the previous and the new episodes online on Crunchyroll and Medialink. The new episode which is coming on 20 August 2022 will also be available online on these sites.

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