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Love Catcher In Seoul Episode 8 Release Date Updates

Watching shows and series have become a recent trend among the youth especially since the lockdown. The shows and series have not been confined to one language or one region now. What people are looking for these days is the plot of the show. If the plot of the show is interesting and can attract an audience, they won’t care about the language of the show. Korean shows and movies have the power to attract a large number of audiences. Love Catcher In Seoul is an ongoing and one of the most popular South Korean Television Series. The genre of the show is love, romance, and drama. The plot of the show is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of the show.

Love Catcher In Seoul Episode 8 Release Date

Fans of this show are waiting to know the release date of the next episode and all the information related to it. Well, keep reading the article till the last as we have covered all the information about the 8th episode of the show that you need to know. The first episode of the show was released on November 19, 2021, and it gained popularity within the release of only a few episodes. The show received huge love and popularity from the fans and audience that it has already renewed for the next season. The 8th episode of the show is expected to release on January 7, 2022.

Love Catcher In Seoul Episode 8 Story

Love Catcher In Seoul Episode 8 Release Date
Love Catcher In The Seoul

The story of episode 8 will depend on what happens in the 7th episode of the show. The seventh episode of the show is all set to release on 31st December 2021. Yes, it’s going to release on New Year’s Eve. The sixth episode of the show is already released on December 24, 2021, and the fans already have chosen their favorite pairs and are waiting to end them together. The internet has been flooded with the expectations of the plot of the next episode. The majority of the viewers are waiting for Haneul and Su Won to end up together although there are people who want Jimin and Haneul to end up together. In the previous episodes, Haneul and Soo-Won are trying to discover various things but still, the misunderstanding between them is not clear. Haneul already talked about her feelings but Soo-Won does not pay any attention to it. This situation had made fans a little irritated and frustrated too but they are enjoying this. It is always said that communication can solve even the biggest problem on the planet but it seems like Soo-Won does not want to communicate and clear the misunderstandings between them.

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Haneul was hopeful that Soo-Won will vote for her but she becomes upset when she finds no vote from him. She comes back to the living room and at the same time, other guys along with Soo-Won enter the room. He did not notice anything at the first but suddenly finds a vote inside. He realized it must be from Haneul and then looks at her who is already upset. On the other hand, between all these misunderstandings between them, Haneul started being close to Jimin. He offers her a drink and tried to distract her from all these noticing her bad mood. So, fans are eager to know what happens next.

Love Catcher In Seoul Episode 8 Cast

Love Catcher In The Seoul Episode 8
Love Catcher In The Seoul Episode 8

The cast of the show includes Loco, Cho Mi Yeon, Son Ho Jun, Jang De Yeon, Sunny, and many more.

Love Catcher In Seoul Episode 8 Trailer

The show has been renewed for the second season but the filming has not been started yet. The trailer of the second season is expected to release a few days ago the release of the second season. We looked through YouTube but we were unable to find the trailer of the first season too. However, if you liked the plot of the show and wish to watch it, for your easy reference it is available on South Korean platforms such as TVING for domestic people. If you are from another country, you might find difficulties in finding a platform to watch Love Catcher In Seoul. Let us know what did you think of the show and its plot in the comment box.

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