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Love in Contract Episode 11 Release Date Is Set For The Fans

The first episode of this romantic web series released on 21st September 2022. It is a fun and very romantic K-Drama Cho Sang-Eun is an attractive young woman who is also the protagonist of the story with a lot of charm as well as talent. It is written by Ha Gu-Dam and directed by Nam Seong- woo.

Love In Contract Episode 11 Release Date

The 11th episode of the Love in contract web series is releasing on 26 October 2022 at approximately 4 pm (GMT). Seeing the last few episodes it can be said that the 11th episode was 1 hour and 5 minutes long. It is also expected to have 16 episodes in total and 2 episodes per week.

Name of the ShowLove In Contract
Episode NumberEpisode 11
GenreRomance, Comedy
Love In Contract Episode 1 Release Date21 September 2022
Love In Contract Episode 11 Release Date26 October 2022
Love In Contract Episode 11 Overview

Love in Contract Episode 11 Story

The eighth episode of the Love in Contract web series has Choi Sang Eun and Jung Ji Ho being honest about their feelings for each other. The beginning of the episode is marked by Sang Eun asking Ji Ho whether he remembers what happened the previous night. He replied that all he remembers was her trying to kiss him and he just pretended to be okay.

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While in reality, he had spent the entire night trying to be cool around her. He then spends a golfing date pretending to just be Sang Eun’s long-time friend at her request and that is when he comes to realize his feelings for her. She then returns after a fun night finding Kang Hae Jin collapsed in a hotel parking lot. She then takes care of him. She then advises him to let go of the past and live in the moment. He then asks whether she would accept him if he came to her while living in the moment.

Then tension increases between them when Jung Ji Ho comes to the hotel where Sang Eun and Hae Jin are staying. Sang Eun goes to talk to him in the lobby where they encounter Hae Jin looking for her and the lawyer Jung Ji Ho looking for Hae Jin. There, Hae Jin introduces Sang Eun as his fiancé to Jin Eun as Ji Ho enters the lobby to which Jin Eun replies that he is married to this person.

Well, the tenth episode of the show was just released on 20 October 2022 so we cannot assume the storyline of episode 11 as of now, because it is yet to be released.

Love In Contract Episode 7 Recap

This episode gives a glimpse into Ji Ho’s childhood and how he lost his father in a sea storm and had to live with his aunt’s family. His aunt already has three kids and now she had to take Ji Ho’s responsibility as well. She told him to not say everything that he thought of and to not expect anyone to be taking care of him as he was not a part of their family. He grew up to be a man who didn’t express his feelings much. Choi Sang Hun kisses Ji Ho at his colleague’s party after having several drinks and wakes up having mixed emotions. Sang Eun even tries to ask Ji Ho if he remembered anything to which he said that he couldn’t recall a thing.

She thinks that he might be denying what he said or just be totally clueless about the kiss. Hae Jin had a yacht date with Choi Sang Eun to make the media fall for his plan as a part of a contract. He then asked Sang Eun to go horseback riding and was shocked but at the same time impressed that not only did she have a license to drive a yacht but used to be an equestrian. This makes Hae Jin’s heart flutter and she reveals that she feels comfortable around him.

Love In Contract Episode 11 Cast

Love In Contract Episode 8 Release Date

The protagonist in this web series is Park Min-young as Choi Sang-eun, Go Kyung-Pyo as Jung Ji-ho, and Kim Jae-young as Kang Hae-jin. The other cast members include Kang Hyung-Seok as Woo Kwang-Nam, Jin Kyung as Yoo Mi-ho, Ahn Suk-hwan as Jung Gil-tae, Kim Dong-Hyun as Choi Sang-mu, TBA as Oh Cha-Jang, Bae Hae-sun as Kim Seong-mi, Park Chul-min as a senior manager, Park Kyung-Hye as Kim Yu-mi, Kim Hyun-Mok as Yoo Jung-han and many others.

Where to Watch Love In Contract Episode 11 Online?

The K-drama web series Love in Contract can be watched on Viki for free as well as on Amazon prime video.

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